Moray House School of Education and Sport

Panagiotis Pavlakis, MSc Inclusive Education 2021

'The teaching and student support staff were willing to assist every step of the way. They were helpful and keen to listen to any feedback, acting upon it to improve the learning experience.'

Panagiotis Pavlakis

Where are you from?


What would you tell someone who is thinking about applying to your programme?

Regardless of whether you are interested in education or not, you will find this course touches upon a variety of topical issues offering a multi-faceted perspective. You have the opportunity to exchange views with students coming from culturally diverse backgrounds which I found an enriching experience.

What made you choose Moray House School of Education and Sport?

I decided to apply for MSc Inclusive Education 15 years after finishing my undergraduate studies in Sports and Physical Education. Currently working with people with learning difficulties, I found the Inclusive Education course appealing. I was interested in gaining a better understanding of social justice, equality, equity and other human rights issues, which the teaching staff presented in an engaging and stimulating way. 

How do you feel your experience has better prepared you for your future career?

My experience on MSc Inclusive Education has equipped me with an array of transferable skills sought in a variety of work contexts. From viewing an issue from multiple perspectives, to organising and managing time and covering a breadth of material. Moreover, it introduced me to critical thinking, helped me improve my writing skills and work on my presentation skills while giving me the opportunity to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds.