Graduate School of Education and Sport

Programme resources

Summary of our excellent resources for the Dance Science & Education programme.

Expertise and excellent facilities

The MSc Dance Science and Education is a new programme of study and unique to Scotland.

The University of Edinburgh and the Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences (SPEHS) have a long history in the education of physical activity including Dance and have also more recently developed to incorporate research in sports science and medicine.

SPEHS institute has a body of staff with expertise in dance and all the related movement sciences, excellent facilities that include dance studios, a dance research room with an extensive archive, and BASES accredited scientific research laboratories.

Extensive and rare resources

The University of Edinburgh has a history and well founded reputation in Dance Education and also holds extensive and rare resources related to the field of dance practice in the university libraries.

Access to the University libraries for all students also means that important extensive medical resources and publications are also readily available to all MSc DSE students.