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Programme Structure

Find details of how the Academic Practice programme is delivered and what students should expect to gain from this programme.

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Programme Structure

This PG Certificate programme is offered part-time, taught over 12-36months, with start dates in December and April.

The programme will be taught primarily through face-to-face teaching but will make use of some online learning activities.

Courses employ a variety of teaching methods so as to model good practice.

Lectures will be complemented by small- and large-group discussions and debates, various forms of group work in cognate and mixed subject areas, as well as independent project work.

Assessment will take place through formal course-work submissions. All course assessments contribute to the aims of the programme and relate directly to individual course learning outcomes.

The final assessment required for the compulsory course, Foundations of Academic Practice, is a course blog which allows participants considerable flexibility in how to approach the assignment as well as the scope to reflect on their own academic practice.

Learning Outcomes

Aimed at academic staff from the University of Edinburgh with teaching responsibilities, the programme is designed to introduce staff to significant issues in relation to teaching, learning and assessment.

Students who follow this programme will be able to:

  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the key concepts and theories relating to core areas of academic practise in higher education.
  • apply concepts and theories from relevant research to enhance your own academic practice in ways appropriate to your discipline and working context.
  • critically evaluate the practical constraints and affordances in your work settings and identify practical solutions to problems you identify.
  • take account of student diversity through ensuring that your academic practice is inclusive of varying student perspectives and needs.
  • understand how their practice will be informed by critical reflection on their work and their own development as academic practitioners. They will be able to work with others to bring about change and development.