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Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Student-led awards

Application Deadline: The deadline for the 2019-20 award has now passed. Eligible to UK/EU students, some exceptions apply. Covers UK/EU fees plus stipend.

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) provides a number of student-led awards for applicants commencing their studies in the 2019-20 academic year.


+3 Studentships (36 months)

These awards will suit applicants who wish to enter directly into a PhD programme and who have already completed an MSc degree, which incorporates 60 credits or more of research methods training. If you are unsure if your MSc degree satisfies the ESRC criteria, please contact our School’s Education Pathway representative, Professor Grant Jarvie.

1+3 Studentships (48 months)

These awards provide funding for a one year Master’s degree and a three year PhD study. Students who have only completed or are in the process of completing an undergraduate degree may apply for these awards. Note: If you aim to apply for a 1+3 Studentship through our School, you would normally attend a version of the MSc Education (Research) pathway in cooperation with the School of Social and Political Science for the Masters portion of your studies.


Applicants must be students from the UK or EU countries, and satisfy the eligibility criteria of the ESRC. Please note that EU applicants from outwith the UK and who have not been resident in the UK for the three years prior to the start of the studentship are only eligible for a fees-only award.


a) Submit an online application for PhD study at the University of Edinburgh via our EUCLID study application portal. You will receive a student University number (UUN) and a password to access the Applicant Hub when you submit your application. Make it clear in your proposal that you intend to apply for ESRC funding.

b) Submit your ESRC funding application through the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SGSSS) GradHub. This requires a separate account and application process. The application process within the GradHub has a number of stages and deadlines. Find details including eligibility, pathways and application process on the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SGSSS) website.

Deadline to apply for a PhD in order to be viable for the ESRC award is Monday 3 December 2018.

Deadline to apply for ESRC funding through the SGSSS GradHub is Friday 11 January 2019.


The award decision will be communicated to applicants by the 1 May 2019.


We advise that you contact your proposed Supervisor/Pathway Representative to discuss your application well in advance of this deadline. Candidates wishing to submit an application are welcome to contact our School’s ESRC Pathway Coordinator, Professor Grant Jarvie.

Professor Grant Jarvie