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Join a vibrant research community with over 150 research students. Find out more about our students and their research, grouped here by research cluster.

A vibrant community

As a postgraduate research student, you will join a vibrant community with over 150 research students. Several academic and social events for research students take place throughout the year. For example, we have a number of postgraduate courses in research methodologies and other topics that are available for auditing.

Our Graduate School organises an annual series of around 25 different training, talks and seminar events, as well as an ‘Interweaving’ conference for postgraduate research students and staff. All research students and supervisors are invited to attend.

Research students typically align with a research cluster. At Moray House our five research clusters are:

  • Sport, Physical Education and Health Science
  • Pedagogy, Learning and Curriculum
  • Language, Culture and Communication
  • Equality, Social Justice and Inclusion
  • Digital Education

More about each of the research clusters

Sport, Physical Education and Health Science

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title
Helen Alfano (PhD student) Supporting the best, better: developing the science behind sport science and medicine delivery
Mary Allison (PhD student) Realist Synthesis and Evaluation of Step Count Challenge
Daniel Astridge (MScR student) Performance and physiological adaptations following altitude training in elite collegiate swimmers; effect of training load, sleep quality and acclimatisation
Andrew Burns (PhD student) Interdisciplinary approach to performance support or Coaching by Committee
Helen Collins (PhD student) The effect of a resistance training intervention on physical activity levels in youths
Rosie Collins (PhD student) Developing and facilitating psychomotoric concomitants of high level performance
Graham Condie (PhD student) Experiencing and living with Cerebral Palsy or a similar neurological condition and finding meaning in recreation and disability sport
Eva Coral Almeida (PhD student) Breaks from sitting and their effects on musculoskeletal spinal tissues in adults
Denise Dewar (MScR student) Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education (MQuITE): University of Edinburgh Physical Education graduate students perspectives on initial teacher education
Margarida Dias (PhD student) Three-Dimensional Kinematics and Bio-energetics in Backstroke Swimming
Paul Downes (PhD student) Evaluating perceptions of high level S and C coaches on the types of knowledge and skills needed, and their relevance to work in the field
Chris Duncan (PhD student) Creating Space in Invasion Games
Ashley Ferkol (PhD student) Evaluating the Key Teamwork Competencies, Cognitive Demands and Context Factors that Contribute to Effective Training in Emergency Response Teams
Andy Grech (PhD student) An investigation into the extrinsic factors that hinder sports development and capabilities in Malta
Steffan Griffin (PhD student) Rugby Union, and Health and Wellbeing
Stephanie Hardley (PhD student) Understanding mental, social, and emotional wellbeing for socially and economically disadvantaged pupils attending "middle class" schools
Jen Harris (PhD student) A project to deepen the research into parenting in youth sport with the aim of constructing a parental educational program to support parents and help improve their child's sporting journey
Matthew Holmes (PhD student) Sport and International Development Partnerships in Zambia
Ann Jamieson (EdD student) Teach First participants' perceptions of the extent to which their professional learning experiences have enabled or constrained the development of their capabilities and values in addressing issues of educational disadvantage
Hamish Johnson (PhD student) Exercise & rehabilitation in children with Cerbral Palsy (CP)
Urvi Khasnis (PhD student) Establishing the role of sporting pathways and sport psychology in the Indian sports system
Nicky Laing (PhD student) SPEHS Monitoring and understanding the walking behaviour of older adult Paths for All walkers
Nicholas Lam (PhD student) Development, validity and reliability of the mental fatigue protocol
Shang-Zhan Lee (PhD student) Teachers' beliefs and practices concerning outdoor learning in Taiwanese characteristic schools
Chuchu Li (PhD student) The Effect of Standing Desks on School-age Children’s Sedentary Behavior, Classroom Behavior and Academic Performance
Junru Li (PhD student) The Construction of National Identity in Sport Media : A Comparison between China and the United Kingdom
Heini Lopponen (PhD student) The effects of voluntary breath control on the wellbeing of school children – the psychophysiological variables at play
Anne Macdonald (PhD student) The effects of mindfulness meditation in the workplace: a springboard for a high performing culture?
Keri McDonald (PhD student) Evolvement of SDP within the South African Context
David Meir (PhD student) The Transformational Potential of Sport
Cristian Mesquida Caldentey (PhD student) Influence of trunk neuromuscular factors on swimming biomechanics in well-trained swimmers
Gala Morozova (PhD student) Adaptive Expertise in Transplant Surgery: The Effects of Changing Organ Retrieval Practice on Individual and Team Performance
Andrew Murray (PhD student) Golf and Health Project
Mark Pace (PhD student) Exploring a male ballet dancers adolescent years and the different events and transitions that affected their talent development and how their interpersonal relationships influenced them during these different transitions and events
Lesley Page (PhD student) Experiential teaching and understanding the instructors awareness of learning processes
Anne Pankhurst (PhD student) Fitting Coach Education Programs in Sport to the Cultural Environment of the Coach
David Paterson (PhD student) Investigating the use of mental routines in the post shot period and their impact on performance of clay pigeon shooters in competition
Marianna Pavan (PhD student) The quest for stable and peaceful multicultural societies in Europe: Finding an answer in sport as a tool for interreligious dialogue
Amy Price (PhD student) Learning and performance returns from using digital game design principles in sport coaching
Craig Riddle (PhD student) Objective measures of impaired lower limb impairments in RaceRunning athletes with Cerebral Palsy
Erin Sanchez (PhD student) Developing Talent in Dance: What is needed and how are young dancers best prepared?
Guy Stern (MScR student) Assessing Training Modalities Effect on Mobility in Recreational Senior and Masters Athletes
Jamie Taylor (PhD student) The Evolution of Excellence' Investigating progression through a talent pathway
Linda Thomson (EdD student) To what extent do the strategic fit and new managerial models explain practice at individual college level in the College sector in Scotland?
Wendy Timmons (PhD student) The embodied experiences and health risk of hypermobility in a dance narrative
Christos Toumazou (PhD student) The impact of football-based community programmes on improving educational attainment in Scotland
Corissa Vella White (PhD student) Sport policy in Malta, sport policy in other small states, elite athletes, infrastructure, athlete schemes
Chenqi Wang (PhD student) Body image and social media internalization of social, physical & facial ideals: gender, athletic and cultural differences in young adults
Chloë Williamson (PhD student) Developing effective physical activity messages to enhance physical activity behaviour and mental health in University Students
Ning [Vicky] Xiao (PhD student) The Effects of a Walking Exercise Programme on Fall-Related Fitness, Body Composition, and Psychosocial Health in Sedentary Elderly Women
Yujun [June] Xu (PhD student) Intercultural learning in youth sail training voyages
Wen Ye (PhD student) The role of sport as a soft power asset for Britain and China to advance international relations
Xiang [Cam] Zhao (PhD student) Unilateral resistance training in adolescent athletes
Yang Zhao (PhD student) Participation in Scottish Country Dancing in Edinburgh

Pedagogy, Learning and Curriculum

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title
Luke Addison (PhD student) Bringing Children's Voices to the Fore of 'Learning for Sustainability'
Soha Altayar (PhD student) Needs Analysis and Course design: In Arabic for Academic Purposes at the Princess Nourah University (PNU), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (case study)
Barbara Becnel (PhD student) Culture of the Condemned: A Critique of How Death Row Became a Symbol of Heroism for America's Street-Gang Generation
Douglas Briton (EdD student) What is it like to be a teacher in an emergency on a school expedition
Dandan (Doreen) Chen (PhD research student) The impact of visual art based methods in second language acquisition: intertwining illustration in a L2 classroom instructed setting
Barbara Dzieciatko (PhD student) Making Sense of Teachers' Communities of Practice with Social and Epistemic Network Analysis
Stuart Farmer (PhD student) The alignment of policy and practice for the career-long professional learning of teachers in Scotland
Fangyi Guan (PhD student) Exploring the link between studying abroad and student employability: A study of international students in Chinese universities
Juliet Hancock (EdD student) An investigation of teachers' pedagogic capacity and their cross-professional working skills
Christian Hanser (PhD student and MSc tutor) A Scottish classroom beyond walls? Investigating student teachers' negotiations of meaning when applying transformative pedagogies through a mobile tiny house as experimental classroom
Louise Hawxwell (PhD student) Impact of Early Experiences on Perceptions and Practices of Outdoor Learning in Primary Education Trainees
Argyris Karapitsanis (PhD student) The utilization of drama in education as a tool for learning for primary school children, in museums and galleries
Ethan Lewis (PhD student) The Impacts of Community Gardening
Shu Li (PhD student) Chinese Parents Effective Involvement in Early Childhood Education: A Comparative Study
Lisa Macdonald (PhD student) An t-Ionnsachadh Òg: positive pedagogies for Gaelic 0-3 groups
Chris Mackie (PhD student) The role of natural heritage in supporting learning and development in Scotland
Zarina Muminova (PhD student) Parental Engagement in Early Childhood Education: Evidence from Wakhan, a rural area in Tajikistan
Takuya Numajiri (PhD student) What Matters for Improving Basic School Mathematics Education in St. Lucia?
John Pierce (PhD student) Outdoor learning in Ireland
Stephen Sowa (PhD student) Reimagining Quality Secondary Education in Kenya: Building the Capacity of In-Service Teachers to Enact Learner-Centred Pedagogy
Jill Steel (PhD student) Children's Emotional Wellbeing and Reading: Exploring the influence of Reading to Dogs
Lewis Stockwell (PhD student) The Educational Aims of Canoeing
Tina Stones (EdD Graduate 2019) Can an intervention package consisting of role play and meditation improve behavioural regulation, listening skills and reading comprehension in secondary school age young people?
Anli Su (PhD student) Teachers' Perceptions and Experiences of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Taiwan
Xiaomei Sun (PhD student) A longitudinal study of extensive reading implementation in Chinese secondary schools
Graham Thomson (PhD student) The leadership for learning of Scottish secondary school Head Teachers
Xiaomeng Tian (PhD student) A qualitative study of pedagogical relationships at PGT level in the UK
Nur Salwa Binti Abdul Wahid (PhD student) Culture and the ESL classrooms in relation to willingness to communicate (WTC) at a higher learning institution in Malaysia
Xiaowen [Serina] Xie (PhD student) Global Englishes Language Teaching’s Influence on Teacher Identity and Learner Identity in Macau's Tertiary Education

Language, Culture and Communication

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title
Ezra James Alexander (PhD student) Language Editing, Norm-formation and Standard English in Research Publications by non-L1 Writers of English
Michael Budzenski (PhD student) The impact of English-medium instruction on students' English language proficiency in higher education
Sakie Chiba-Mooney (PhD student) Heritage Identity and Language Development: The role of extra-curricular activities in Japanese complementary school in Scotland
Sepideh Daghbandan (PhD student) A Study of English Vague Language Use and its Perceived Social Function by Native and Non-Native Speakers of English in UK University Classrooms
Jagdeep Gill (PhD student) Role of motivation of children in English language learning in India
Mengke (Sarah) Li (PhD student) Identity and Second Language Acquisition: The Case of Chinese as a Second or Foreign Language
Hang Lu (PhD student) The Disparity between Urban and Rural English Education in Basic Education and Foreign Language Education Policies in China - the Influence of Neoliberalism, the Commodification of Language and Fetishism
Maggie Mroczkowski (PhD student) Language use in the Scottish modern language classroom: Teacher and pupil attitudes, beliefs and perceptions
Iain Philip (PhD student) Syrian refugees learning English in Scotland
Giulia Pinton (PhD student) Differences in Academia: Factors Impacting European Postgraduate Students¿ Academic Experience in the UK
Faiz Rozlan (PhD student) Social Stratification in the Admission Process of Malaysian Public Universities: Fact or Fiction?
Alice Jing Shan (PhD student) Exploring Internationalization of Higher Education: The Role of English in Chinese Postgraduate Student Experience in the UK
Chen Su (PhD student) A research proposal concerning the influence of intercultural education on the formation of language learners' identity in Chinese universities
Ammar Tekin (PhD student) Personal and Professional Identity Development of Turkish EFL Teachers
Dorothea Christiana Vincent (PhD student) Does civil society need a new institution to progress its development?
Yinhua [Ann] Wu (PhD student) What role does a cross-cultural context play in the development of teacher identity: a case study of a group of Chinese Language Assistances (CLAs)
Jing Xu (PhD student) Proposing Critical Literacy Approach in the Chinese Vocational EFL Classroom
Yifang Xu (PhD student) An investigation of Chinese academics’ attitudes towards English norms in the UK academic settings
Hao Zhang (PhD student) The interface between Scottish educational language policy and Mandarin pedagogy
Leijun Zhang (PhD student) Exploring teachers’ perceptions of reading strategies and their classroom practices of reading strategy use in Scottish secondary schools
Linsha [Lisa] Zhou (PhD student) Student teachers’ identity construction and their engagement with creativity during initial teacher education: A case study of one PGDE (Secondary) programme in Scotland
Qian Qian [Rebekah] Zhou (PhD student) Motivation VS Language Attainment: A longitudinal multiple-case study on a class of tertiary students learning Chinese in a UK master's programme

Equality, Social Justice and Inclusion

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title
Sara Abahussain (PhD student) Exploring the Impacts of Public Kindergarten Expansion Project in Relation to Class Equity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Fatma Busra Aksoy Kumru (PhD student) Active citizenship in early years: Listening to children on decision-making
Ghaleyah Alajmi (PhD student) Effectiveness of Behaviour Management Program for Students with Down syndrome under Inclusive Education in Kuwait
Sarah Austin (PhD student) Teacher Development in Refugee Contexts
Lucy Blackburn (PhD student) Factors affecting the distribution of student borrowing in Scotland: From universal entitlements to unequal outcomes
Colin Brough (PhD student) What do the stories, told by boys and young men from one foster home, tell us about their upbringing with a single male foster carer?
Eileen Burns (PhD student) Are the assessments being used to assess Scottish deaf pupils fit for purpose and the assessment special arrangements used by deaf pupils the best choice to provide the best level of access?
Serif Cakiray (PhD student) Exploring the Barriers to Inclusion Which Embedded Within the Socio Ecological Systems of Refugee Children with Disabilities: A Socio-Ecological Analysis
Dominique Carlier (EdD student) Linking Personnel Performance Appraisal System/Process Management and International Development Project Management Success - A Focus on Workforce Engagement
Dana Cohlmeyer (PhD student) Contemporary Youth Work, Digital Possibilities: Investigating the influence of technology on the nature and purpose of youth work
Anthea Coleman-Chan Academic staff perspectives on community-engaged teaching and learning
Fiona Couper Kenney (PhD student) How do children, parents and professionals understand school non-attendance? Exploring tensions in policy and practice in Scotland
Murray Craig (EdD Graduate 2019) Information Communications and Technology in Physical Education
Robin Dallas-Childs (PhD student) Exploring the experiences of looked after children and young people in Scotland
Bethan Davies (PhD student) The challenges of providing an inclusive environment within registered childminders' settings
Anthony Elloway (EdD student) English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Miranda Eodanable (PhD student) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: An Exploration of Professionals’ and Young People’s Views on Diagnosis
Cagla Ergul (PhD student) Investigating inclusive education for children identified as having special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) by focusing on social communication and participation for the educational and sociological domain
Christiana Fizet (PhD student) Ontario history teacher candidates’ understandings of and orientations to Canadian history
Huaiyuan Huang (PhD student) Ethnic Solidarity Education and Identity Construction: Migrant Ethnic Korean Youth in Changchun City, Northeast China
Yu-Tang [Oliver] Huang (PhD student) Rapid Expanded Asian Higher Education and Social Justice: Discovering systematic social transformations result from state level strategies and governance of higher education in China
Anastasia Kalokyri (PhD student) Young people labelled with ADHD, complex social identities and school experiences in Scottish context: Moving beyond deficit labels
Anne Kent (PhD student) The Self - Reported Health and Well-being of the Children of Scottish Prisoners
Brendan Kwiatkowski (PhD student) Healthy masculinity and adolescence: Resilience to restrictive masculinity
Liz Latto The Politics of Professionalisation: the changing roles of practitioners within Early Learning and Childcare
Jian Liao (PhD student) Equity and Inclusion in Education for Migrant Pupils in Urban China
Jane Malcolm (PhD student) Love, passion and professionalism
Sarah Minty (PhD student) Young people’s higher education decisions in Scotland: the influence of social class and family attitudes to higher education costs
Laura Mitchell (EdD student) Disrupting Deficit: engaging student teachers and teachers in 21st century Scotland with issues of social justice
Hoda Mobasseri (PhD student) How do adult learning classes promote women's citizenship and empowerment?
Dorothy Muraya Neriah (PhD student) Re-imagining how we understand, research and evaluate foster carer recruitment in England
Alison Murphy (PhD student) The Role of the Union Representative in Scottish Secondary Schools
Lakshmi Neelakantan (PhD student) Understanding young people’s experiences of the ISPCAN Child Abuse Screening Tool (ICAST-C): An investigation in Romania, South Africa, and the Philippines
Susanne Paulus (PhD student) Exploring outdoor activities for people with refugee and migrant biographies / Relational processes in an intercultural and inclusive community garden
Gerard Remkes (EdD student) Incongruence between perceived need for training and motivation to learn. Factors influencing the learning motivation of nursing staff in dialysis settings.
Gizem Silistire (PhD student) Exploring young children's daily experiences in the nursery classroom: Building classroom culture
Sonia Sjollema (PhD student) Dealing with diversity in Makerspaces: a social pedagogical approach
Shrikant Wad (PhD student) Social disparities amongst undergraduate disciplines: a realist inquiry into choice and affirmative action in India
Marni Wedin (PhD student) An examination of the ethos perpetuated in Silicon Valley’s education programs through an interrogation of their success metrics
Katherine Westwood (PhD student) Participation in inclusive extracurricular activities constructed by the perspectives of children with disabilities
Chen Zhang (PhD student) Closing the Broch: Applicant to returnee, an ethnographic study of a group of Chinese students complete Scottish education journey to investigate how they make adjustments emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally that may influence their educational, sociocultural and employment success

Digital Education

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title
Stuart Allan (PhD student) Enmeshed experiences? Enactments of digital pedagogy in an international online MBA
Nada Alsayegh (PhD student) The Cultural Implications of Arabic Massive Open Online Courses in the Middle East
Valentina Andries (PhD student) Promoting play in a children's hospital: a person-centred approach to technology design with families
Sharon Boyd (PhD student) Place-responsive higher education at a distance
Eleanor Capaldi (PhD student) Unlike a Version: The Lives of Digitised Artworks
Marshall Dozier (EdD student) DE Conceptualisations of information and data handling
Noreen Dunnett (PhD student) Re-imagining disengagement from learning: the sociomaterial practices of classrooms and digital game spaces.
Maureen Finn (EdD student) Young people from Travelling families in Scotland
Chad Hemady (PhD student) Using Children's Storybooks as a Prevention Strategy for Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in the Philippines
Ana Hibert (PhD student) Automated Writing Evaluation as a tool to help ESL students improve their academic writing
Nicola Kiernan (PhD student) Mind over Matter - Digital STEM Education... Child's Play?
Diego Rates (PhD student) Student Experience Analytics
Alexia Revueltas Roux (PhD student) Quest for Science: Cognitive neurocorrelates of embodied learning in early childhood for science thinking development in museum exhibitions
Sabina Savadova (PhD student) Using living journals to explore the role of digital media in young children’s everyday experiences: Listening to families’ stories in Azerbaijan
Clare Thomson (PhD student) Tensions in reflective practice - exploring the everyday reflective work of undergraduate medical students - an institutional ethnography
Sarah Treloar (PhD student) Online social network sites for language development
Marni Wedin (PhD student) An examination of the ethos perpetuated in Silicon Valley’s education programs through an interrogation of their success metrics

No cluster

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title
Soha Altayar (PhD student) Needs Analysis and Course design: In Arabic for Academic Purposes at the Princess Nourah University (PNU), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (case study)
Eileen Burns (PhD student) Are the assessments being used to assess Scottish deaf pupils fit for purpose and the assessment special arrangements used by deaf pupils the best choice to provide the best level of access?
Dandan (Doreen) Chen (PhD research student) The impact of visual art based methods in second language acquisition: intertwining illustration in a L2 classroom instructed setting
Giulia Pinton (PhD student) Differences in Academia: Factors Impacting European Postgraduate Students¿ Academic Experience in the UK
Faiz Rozlan (PhD student) Social Stratification in the Admission Process of Malaysian Public Universities: Fact or Fiction?
Carol Smith (EdD student) Supporting transitions from pre-school to primary 1: how do expectations of the key stakeholders link to policy and practices?
Robby Steel (EdD student) Recording Issues of Professional Performance in Medical Students and Doctors
Marika Wood (EdD Graduate 2020) How children's literature can be used to teach critical literacy skills to Arabic, adult learners

Research students A-Z and recently graduated students

Dr James Lamb, PhD 2019

Lecturer in Digital Education (Education Futures), Centre for Research in Digital Education

THESIS TITLE: Space, Sociomateriality, Sound - The Learning Spaces of Higher Education

My ESRC-funded thesis looked at the relationship between digital technology and those environments where teaching and learning take place. In order to share the field recordings, photographs and playlists that were an important part of my research, I presented my thesis in digital format. Since completing my PhD I have taken up the post of Lecturer in Digital Education, where I am working within the Centre for Research in Digital Education here at Moray House, and also the Edinburgh Futures Institute. Being able to secure this post soon after graduating owes much to the writing, presenting, teaching and networking that took place alongside my PhD. Without suggesting my experiences, interests or circumstances would match every student, my piece of advice to anyone looking to follow a similar path would be to consider how these types of activities can valuably contribute towards what goes into the thesis, while at the same time potentially opening doors beyond the point of completing the viva and making corrections.