Moray House School of Education and Sport

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Led by the Director, the School’s EDIC meets quarterly and is responsible for developing and implementing equality, diversity and inclusion priorities.

Committee Director: Dr Omolabake Fakunle

The EDIC reports to the School Executive Committee and the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences’ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The CAHSS EDIC then reports to the University's Equality Management Group. 

Staff and students receive EDI updates through School newsletters, SharePoint and Practice Worth Sharing Sessions (a school discussion). The Committee proactively engages with the community, increasing EDI awareness through events, trainings and consultations with staff and students and giving everyone a chance to provide input on EDI work.


The EDIC's key priorities are:

  • Ensuring that equality is at the heart of all School’s plans and processes
  • Improving communication channels for capturing EDI-related issues
  • Working together with staff and students on EDI-related initiatives as a collective responsibility
  • Recognising intersectionality, the EDI events team brings together input from the EDIC and its three subgroups to create a suite of events and activities that run throughout the year.

Committee subgroups

The Committee has three subgroups that handle specific areas related to EDI:

  • Gender Equality Subgroup
  • Inclusion and Disability Subgroup
  • Race Equality Subgroup

EDIC responsibilities


  • Keeps up to date on equality and diversity guidance, initiatives and policy at College and University level
  • Reports to and advises the School Executive Committee on equality, diversity and inclusion matters, including progress on related actions within the School Strategic Action Plan and progress on EDIC’s subgroups
  • Monitors the School’s Athena Swan Action Plan and provides recommendations and support for future Athena Swan applications
  • Takes proactive steps to promote equality, diversity and inclusion across the School and ensures that all members of our community are treated fairly               
  • Identifies and delivers actions to ensure an inclusive culture for all staff and students, with equal access to opportunities
  • Recommends training that will equip staff with the skills to challenge inequality and discrimination in the work/study environment
  • Works with the School Learning and Teaching Committee to ensure that any learning materials do not discriminate against individuals or groups
  • Ensures that School processes and procedures do not discriminate by reviewing identified issues and proposing recommendations to the School Executive Committee on how these can be remedied
  • Ensures that the student voice is represented on the committee.

EDIC membership

Members of the EDIC include students and key Moray House staff. This ensures that discussions and action points centre around supporting wellbeing and promoting an inclusive learning, teaching and research working environment for our School community. We recruit student representatives at School-wide welcome events.