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Research students A-Z

An A-Z list of our current research students names along with their supervisors names and project titles.

Research students details listed under the 'research cluster they are affiliated with' can be found through the following link.

Students by research cluster

Current Students

Name Supervisors Degree and Project Title
Stephanie Adams Dr Tony Turner, Hugh Richards, Professor Peter Hutchinson (External Advisor, University of Cambridge) PhD Concussion in motor sport: Exploring experts' perceptions, knowledge and attitudes
Fatma Busra Aksoy Kumru Marlies Kustatscher, Lynn McNair PhD Active citizenship in early years: listening to children on decision-making
Ghaleyah Alajmi Dr Katie Cebula, Dr Josie Booth, Dr Gale MacLeod PhD Effectiveness of Behaviour Management Program for Students with Down syndrome under Inclusive Education in Kuwait
Ezra Alexander Dr Bróna Murphy, Dr Kenneth Fordyce PhD Language Editing, Norm-formation and Standard English in Research Publications by non-L1 Writers of English
Mohammad Alkuwari Professor Rowena Arshad, Dr Pete Allison PhD Exploring student experience of student affairs in Education City, Qatar
Stuart Allan Dr Jen Ross, Professor Siân Bayne PhD Enmeshed experiences? Enactments of digital pedagogy in an international online MBA
Mary Allison Dr Ailsa Niven PhD Realist synthesis and Evaluation of Step Count Challenge
Nada Alsayegh Dr Jen Ross, Jeremy Knox PhD The Cultural Implications of Arabic Massive Open Online Courses in the Middle East
Valentina Andries Professor Judy Robertson, Professor Lydia Plowman PhD Promoting play in a children's hospital: a person-centred approach to technology design with families
Sarah Austin Dr Ellen Boeren, Dr Jingyi Li PhD An t-Ionnsachadh Òg: positive pedagogies for Gaelic 0-3 groups
Nur Salwa Binti Adbul Wahid Dr Lorna Hamilton, Dr Mike Orr PhD Culture and the ESL classroom in relation to learners willingness to communicate in a public university in Malaysia
Lucy Blackburn Professor Sheila Riddell, Professor Cristina Iannelli PhD Factors affecting the distribution of student borrowing in Scotland: from universal entitlements to unequal outcomes
Patrick Boxall Dr Shari Sabeti, Dr Mike Jess MScR Creativity and Interdisciplinary Learning within Curriculum for Excellence
Sharon Boyd Dr Jen Ross, Dr Beth Christie PhD Student-community engagement activities at distance – digital narrative methods to capture a sense of “place” in research
Douglas Briton Dr Robbie Nicol EdD What is it like to be a teacher in an emergency on a school expedition
Colin Brough Dr Gale MacLeod, Dr Mark Smith PhD What do the stories, told by boys and young men from one foster home, tell us about their upbringing with a single male foster carer?
Dominique Carlier , , Dr Pauline Sangster EdD Linking Personnel Performance Appraisal System/Process Management and International Development Project Management Success - A Focus on Workforce Engagement
Carla Cebula Professor Cristina Iannelli, PhD AQMeN Education Studentship
Sue Chapman Dr Shari Sabeti, Professor Carolin Kreber, PhD Changing the Discourse: Self-cultivation for a sustainable teaching profession
Sakie Chiba-Mooney Dr Andy Hancock, Dr Chris Perkins PhD Heritage identity and language development: The role of Extra-curricular activities in Japanese complementary school in Scotland
Dana Cohlmeyer Dr Ian Fyfe PhD Contemporary Youth Work, Digital Possibilities: investigating the influence of technology on the nature and purpose of youth work
Anthea Coleman-Chan Dr Jim Crowther, James MacAllister EdD International Foundation Programmes
Helen Collins Dr Josie Booth, Dr Sam Fawkner PhD The effect of a resistance training intervention on physical activity levels in youths
Graham Condie Dr Shirley Gray, Dr Graham Baker, Sarah MacIsaac PhD Experiencing and living with Cerebral Palsy or a similar neurological condition and finding meaning in recreation and disability sport
Carolyn Cooke Dr Laura Colucci-Gray, Dr Shari Sabeti PhD Teachers’ beliefs and identity in music education. A socio-material perspective.
Eva Coral Almeida Dr Ailsa Niven, Dr Sam Fawkner, Dr Graham Baker PhD Sitting postures and their effects on upper and lower back muscles in office workers
Murray Craig Dr Christine Nash, Dr Jen Ross EdD Information Communications and Technology in Physical Education
Roy Crichton Dr Malcolm Thorburn MScR
Dana Dabbous Professor Rowena Arshad, Dr Debi Fry PhD A Critical Inquiry into Education for Refugee Pupils: the construction of primary teachers' pedagogies in Glasgow
Sepideh  Daghbandan Dr Joan Cutting, Dr Bróna Murphy, Dr Samaneh Zandian PhD A Study of English Vague Language Use and its Perceived Social Function by Native and Non-Native Speakers of English in UK University Classrooms
Robin Dallas-Childs Dr Gale MacLeod, James MacAllister PhD Exploring the experiences of looked after children and young people in Scotland
Margarida Dias Dr Stelios Psycharakis, Dr Simon Coleman PhD Three-Dimensional Kinematics and Bio-energetics in Backstroke Swimming
Marshall Dozier Charles Anderson EdD Conceptualisations of information and data handling
Andrew Drybrough Dr Kenneth Fordyce, Dr Cathy Benson PhD Student and staff conceptualisations of critical thinking in academic writing at masters level
Stuart Dunbar Dr Kristina Konstantoni, Dr Eugenia Rodrigues PhD Exploring public engagement with science involving young people: a case study approach
Chris Duncan Dr Christine Nash, Dr Alan MacPherson PhD Creating Space in Invasion Games
Noreen Dunnett Professor Siân Bayne, Dr Hamish Macleod PhD A narrative ethnography of the learning and motivation of disengaged learners in videogames and gaming social networks
Leila Eerikainen Professor Do Coyle, Dr Laura Colucci-Gray PhD Languaging for thinking in science
Stuart Elliott Dr Debi Fry, Dr Liz Grant PhD Identification of the risk factors and pathways of violence against children in humanitarian settings, to better inform intervention and prevention efforts: A mixed methods study
Anthony Elloway James MacAllister, Dr Gale MacLeod EdD English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Omolabake Fakunle Dr Kenneth Fordyce, Professor Carolin Kreber PhD Exploring linkages between internationalisation and employability: Understanding international student perceptions of their employability
Ashley Ferkol Dr Amanda Martindale, Hugh Richards PhD Teacher Development in Refugee Contexts
Maureen Finn Professor Lydia Plowman, Dr Jen Ross EdD Young people from Travelling families in Scotland
Christiana Fizet Professor Rowena Arshad, PhD Ontario history teacher candidates’ understandings of and orientations to Canadian history
Agnieszka Fraser Dr Andy Hancock, Dr Evelyn McGregor PhD The influence of parental attitude on the acquisition of a second language by children who become bilingual as a result of migration
Kotryna Fraser Dr Pete Allison, Dr Malcolm Thorburn PhD Skippers' values and beliefs on trainees social development during sail training
Jagdeep Gill Dr Maria Dasli, Dr Andy Hancock PhD Role of motivation of children in English language learning in India
Chris Hambley Professor Siân Bayne, Dr Christine Sinclair PhD Spatial theory in education
Juliet Hancock Professor Lani Florian, Professor Kay Tisdall EdD An investigation of teachers' pedagogic capacity and their cross-professional working skills
Christian Hanser Dr Yvonne Foley, Dr Robbie Nicol, Professor Do Coyle PhD A Scottish classroom beyond walls? Analysing the use of mobile shepherd's huts as attainment bridges in an outdoor curriculum co-constructed between teachers and their pupils from SIMD 1 & 2 backgrounds.
Louise Hawxwell Dr Beth Christie, Professor Pete Higgins PhD Impact of Early Experiences on Perceptions and Practices of Outdoor Learning in Primary Education Trainees
Ana Hibert Dr Seongsook Choi, Professor Dragan Gasevic PhD Automated Writing Evaluation as a tool to help ESL students improve their academic writing
Matthew Holmes Professor Grant Jarvie, Liz Grant PhD Sport and International Development Partnerships in Zambia
Deborah Holt Dr Rosie Mulholland, Professor Julie Taylor EdD The Primary School Teacher's Responsibility to Promote Positive Mental Health
Xiaoyi (Charlotte) Hu Dr Sarah McGeown, Dr Cathy Benson PhD Exploring young learners' anxiety about foreign language learning in China
Farhat Hussain Dr Pauline Sangster, Professor Ewen Cameron EdD Exploring professionalism of lecturers of history in British universities
Carolyn Hutchinson Dr Gale MacLeod, Dr Pauline Sangster EdD Building Families and 'Learning to Be: Grandparents' Care for Babies and Toddlers in Scotland
Andrina Inglis Charles Anderson, Paul McMillan EdD Policy thoughts on teacher education in the UK
Ann Jamieson Professor Carolin Kreber, Dr Malcolm Thorburn EdD Teach First participants' perceptions of the extent to which their professional learning experiences have enabled or constrained the development of their capabilities and values in addressing issues of educational disadvantage
Hamish Johnson Dr Martine Verheul, Dr Amanda Martindale PhD Exercise & rehabilitation in children with Cerbral Palsy (CP)
Anastasia Kalokyri Professor John Ravenscroft, Dr Kristina Konstantoni PhD ‘ADHD’ students, complex social identities and school experiences in Scottish context: Moving beyond deficit labels
Argyris Karapitsanis Dr Shari Sabeti, Dr Holly Linklater, Nicola McCartney PhD The utilization of drama in education as a tool for learning for primary school children, in museums and galleries
Anne Kent Dr Debi Fry, Dr Martin Toye PhD The Self - Reported Health and Well-being of the Children of Scottish Prisoners
Nicola Kiernan Dr Andrew Manches, Michael Seery PhD Mind over Matter - Digital STEM Education... Child's Play?
Jiyoung Kim Professor Lani Florian, Dr Nataša Pantić PhD Developing School Culture to Enhance Inclusive Practice in the Classroom
Brendan Kwiatkowski Marlies Kustatscher, Dr Gillean McCluskey PhD Healthy masculinity and adolescence: Resilience to restrictive masculinity
Minkyung Kwon Marlies Kustatscher, Dr Shereen Benjamin PhD Gender Perspectives of South Korean Students in Designing Sex Education
Nicky Laing Dr Ailsa Niven, Dr Sam Fawkner PhD Monitoring and understanding the walking behaviour of older adult Paths for All walkers
James Lamb Professor Siân Bayne, Dr Jen Ross PhD Meaning beyond words? Multimodal assessment practice in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Elizabeth (Liz) Latto Dr Kristina Konstantoni, Marlies Kustatscher PhD Transition of learning in Early Years: ensuring effective transfer and progression of skills and knowledge between Nursery N4 and Primary 1
Shang-zhan Lee Professor Pete Higgins, Dr John Telford, Dr Yvonne Foley PhD Teachers' beliefs and practices concerning outdoor learning in Taiwanese characteristic schools
Ethan Lewis Dr Simon Beames, Dr Beth Christie, Dr Callum McGregor PhD The Impacts of Community Gardening
Chuchu Li Mary Hartley, Dr Josie Booth, Professor John Sproule, Dr Sam Fawkner PhD The Effect of Standing Desks on School-age Children’s Sedentary Behavior, Classroom Behavior and Academic Performance
Mengke (Sarah) Li Dr Lorna Hamilton, Dr Mike Lynch PhD Identity and Second Language Acquisition: The Case of Chinese as a Second or Foreign Language
Jian Liao Professor Rowena Arshad, Dr Holly Linklater PhD Equity and Inclusion in Education for Migrant Pupils in Urban China
Heini Lopponen Dr Alan MacPherson, Professor John Sproule PhD The effects of voluntary breath control on the wellbeing of school children – the psychophysiological variables at play
Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka Dr Catherine Bovill, Dr Daphne Loads PhD Student/Staff Partnerships in Co-Creating the Undergraduate Curriculum
Xin Luo Professor Lydia Plowman, Dr Shari Sabeti PhD Parents’ voices on WeChat: exploring the modernisation of early years’ education in China
Anne MacDonald Dr Amanda Martindale, Dr Alan MacPherson, Professor Wendy Loretto PhD Exploring the impact of mindfulness as a springboard for collaborative performance
Lisa Macdonald Dr Fiona O'Hanlon, PhD An t-Ionnsachadh Òg: positive pedagogies for Gaelic 0-3 groups
Alan Mackie Dr Jim Crowther, Dr Ian Fyfe PhD Stuck in the churn - Young people, unemployment and social justice
Chris Mackie Professor Pete Higgins, Dr Beth Christie PhD The role of the natural heritage in supporting learning and development in Scotland
Christine Makuve Professor Rowena Arshad, Dr Ann Rae PhD Life Experiences Of Zimbabwean Youth In The UK Diaspora: A Narrative Study Exploring Identity Construction
Jane Malcolm Dr Kristina Konstantoni, Marlies Kustatscher PhD Love, passion and professionalism
Elizabeth McClure Dr Aileen Kennedy, Dr Nataša Pantić PhD The influence of the University of Edinburgh MScTLT programme on current teachers’ beliefs and knowledge in shaping their professional education development and current classroom practices
Joanne McManus Dr Pauline Sangster EdD Is the success of Knowledge Transfer increased by developing key skills and methodologies in individuals and organisations that act as a 'broker' between academic research and commercial application?
David Meir Professor Grant Jarvie, Dr Gavin Reid PhD The Transformational Potential of Sport
Cristian Mesquida Caldentey Dr Stelios Psycharakis, Dr Simon Coleman PhD Influence of trunk neuromuscular factors on swimming biomechanics in well-trained swimmers
Sarah Minty Professor Sheila Riddell, Cathy Howieson PhD Young people’s higher education decisions in Scotland: the influence of social class and family attitudes to higher education costs
Laura Mitchell Professor Carolin Kreber, Dr Ann Rae EdD
Hoda Mobasseri Professor Rowena Arshad, Dr Yvonne Foley PhD How do adult learning classes promote women's citizenship and empowerment?
Stuart Moir Dr Shereen Benjamin EdD Young people and learning for democracy: What is the 'really useful knowledge' which can help young people become active citizens
Galina Morozova Dr Amanda Martindale, Hugh Richards, Ian Currie PhD Facilitating Team Cognition in Transplant Surgery: The Effects of Perturbation Training on Scottish Organ Retrieval Team Performance
Margaret Mroczkowski Dr Aileen Irvine, Dr Fiona O'Hanlon, Angela Gayton PhD An investigation of teachers’ and learners’ experiences, attitudes and perceptions towards the inclusion of L1 in the L2 classroom and its effects on L2 motivation in Scottish modern language classrooms
Dorothy Muraya Dr Debi Fry, Dr Martin Toye PhD A comparative study of children’s experience of permanence in kinship foster care vs foster care
Diana Murdoch Professor Lani Florian, Dr Andrea English PhD Lived Experience and Inclusive Education: An exploration of the phenomenon of inclusive education in the life world of young people, parents and teachers
Alison Murphy Dr Jim Crowther PhD The Role of the Union Representative in Scottish Secondary Schools.
Andrew Murray Professor Nanette Mutrie, Dr Liz Grant PhD Golf and Health Project
Andrew M Murray Dr Tony Turner, Professor John Sproule PhD Recovery in youth athletes: Human performance in a Qatari population
Aline Nardo Dr Andrea English, Professor John Ravenscroft PhD Education and Evolution. A comparative study of Darwinism’s influence on educational theory in the UK, US and Germany”
Lakshmi Neelakantan Dr Debi Fry, Professor Lani Florian PhD Identification of pathways to sexual abuse victimization and perpetration in order to inform skills-based interventions for children: A mixed-methods study
Takuya Numajiri Professor Cristina Iannelli, Dr Tom MacIntyre PhD What matters for improving basic school mathematics education in St. Lucia?
Clara O'Shea Professor Siân Bayne, Dr Hamish Macleod PhD Kinds of learning and kinds of play: an exploration of identity development in formal and informal digital learnings environments
Mark Pace Dr Christine Nash, Dr Alan MacPherson PhD Exploring a male ballet dancers adolescent years and the different events and transitions that affected their talent development and how their interpersonal relationships influenced them during these different transitions and events
Giulia Pacini Panebianco Dr Stelios Psycharakis PhD
Lesley Page Dr Andrew Horrell, Dr Pete Allison PhD Experiential teaching and understanding the instructors awareness of learning processes
Eder Coelho Paula Professor Judy Robertson, Jeremy Knox PhD Educational Robotics Projects: Developing a Theoretically and Empirically Grounded Robotics Curriculum for Public Middle Schools in Alvorada/RS/Brazil
Susanne Paulus Dr Gale MacLeod, Dr Simon Beames PhD Exploring place-based outdoor education in the context of transmigration realities
Marianna Pavan Dr Gavin Reid, Dr John Kelly PhD The quest for stable and peaceful multicultural societies in Europe:finding an answer in sport as a tool for interreligious dialogue
Iain Philip Dr Debi Fry, Dr Maria Dasli PhD Syrian refugees learning English in Scotland
John Pierce Dr Simon Beames, Dr Callum McGregor PhD Outdoor learning in Ireland
Enid Quesada Alfaro Professor Sheila Riddell, Dr Cathy Howieson PhD Policy transfer in higher education: the case of quality assurance mechanisms in Costa Rica
Diego Rates Marmentini Professor Dragan Gasevic, Professor Siân Bayne, Jeremy Knox PhD Student Experience Analytics
Gerard Remkes Dr Rory Ewins, Dr Neil Turner EdD Incongruence between perceived need for training and motivation to learn. Factors influencing the learning motivation of nursing staff in dialysis settings.
Alexia Revueltas Roux Dr Andrew Manches, Dr Josie Booth PhD Quest for Science: Cognitive neurocorrelates of embodied learning in early childhood for science thinking development in museum exhibitions
Craig Riddle Dr Martine Verheul, Dr Stelios Psycharakis PhD The motoratic and biomechanical requirements of individuals with moderate to severe Cerebral Palsy during RaceRunning.
Sian Salmon Dr Dave Saunders, Wendy Timmons PhD ‘Physical demands of competitive dance: what are the demands and are current training and nutritional programmes sufficient?
Sabina Savadova Professor Lydia Plowman, Dr Holly Linklater PhD Exploring parental agency and preschool children’s interactions with technology at home: A comparative analysis of Georgia and Azerbaijan
Deborah Schachter Dr Pauline Sangster, Dr Jen Ross EdD Beyond instruction: the information literate educational model
Juliet Scott-Barrett Dr Katie Cebula, Professor Lani Florian PhD Inclusive research in mainstream schools with adolescents with autism
Jing (Alice) Shan Dr Nicola Galloway, Jill Northcott PhD Exploring Internationalisation of Higher Education: An Analysis of English Language Needs of Chinese Postgraduate Students in the UK
Shuanghui (Sofia) Shan Dr Christine Sinclair, Velda McCune PhD The transformation of learner identity: Exploring Chinese Masters students’ transitions to UK higher education
Brian Shannan Professor John Ravenscroft, Professor Murray Campbell PhD Dynamic soundfield with an active learning environment
Qijuan Shen Professor Carolin Kreber, Dr Hamish Macleod PhD Reform of Curriculum and Teaching in Research Universities:Is There A Liberal-Education Approach to Research-Excellence?
Gizem Silistire Marlies Kustatscher, Dr Kristina Konstantoni PhD Exploring young children's daily experiences in the nursery classroom: Building classroom culture
Divya Sivaramakrishnan Dr Claire Fitzsimons, Dr Graham Baker PhD Evaluating the health benefits of incorporating yoga into the physical activity plan of older adults
Carol Smith Charles Anderson, Dr Kristina Konstantoni EdD Supporting transitions from pre-school to primary 1: how do expectations of the key stakeholders link to policy and practices?
Robby Steel Dr Pauline Sangster, Professor Carolin Kreber EdD Recording Issues of Professional Performance in Medical Students and Doctors
Lewis Stockwell Dr Robbie Nicol, James MacAllister PhD Outdoor experiences and meaningful lives: developing a philosophical educational argument for meaningful lives through outdoor experiences in an age of educational and environmental destruction
Tina Stones Dr Pauline Sangster EdD Can an intervention package consisting of role play and meditation improve behavioural regulation, listening skills and reading comprehension in secondary school age young people?
Anli Su Dr Aileen Kennedy, Dr Nicola Carse PhD Teachers' Perceptions and Experiences of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Taiwan
Xiaomei Sun Dr Aileen Irvine, Dr Farah Akbar PhD Extensive reading in English and motivation in foreign language learning: a longitudinal case study of 10 Chinese senior high school students and 5 EFL teachers
Rebekah Tauritz Dr Simon Beames, PhD Learning for Sustainability: A playground for complexity
Ammar Tekin Dr Aileen Kennedy, Dr Ann Rae PhD Personal and Professional Identity Development of Turkish EFL Teachers
Clare Thomson Dr Jen Ross, Tim Fawns PhD Tensions in reflective practice - exploring the everyday reflective work of undergraduate medical students - an institutional ethnography
Graham Thomson Dr Gale MacLeod, Dr Christine Nash PhD The leadership for learning of Scottish secondary school Head Teachers
Xiaomeng Tian Dr Gale MacLeod, Dr Neil Lent PhD A qualitative study of pedagogical relationships at PGT level in the UK
Wendy Timmons Professor John Sproule, , Dr Shaun Phillips PhD The embodied experiences and health risk of hypermobility in a dance narrative
Christos Toumazou Dr Gavin Reid, Professor Grant Jarvie PhD The impact of football-based community programmes on improving educational attainment in Scotland
Sarah Treloar Dr Jen Ross, Dr Maria Dasli PhD Online social network sites for language development
Paul Udofia Dr Christine Sinclair, Dr Rory Ewins MPhil Designing, Development and Implementing Effective E-learning Model for Nigeria
Dorothea Vincent Dr Debi Fry, Dr Jingyi Li, Professor Pete Higgins PhD Does civil society require an institution that provides education, including two-way learning, to be able to develop? A case study: the civil society United Nations House Scotland
Katherine Westwood Professor John Ravenscroft, Dr Kristina Konstantoni PhD Participation in inclusive extracurricular activities constructed by the perspectives of children with disabilities
Corissa Vella White Professor Grant Jarvie, Dr Gavin Reid, Dr Christine Nash PhD Sport policy in Malta, Sport policy in other small states, Elite Athletes, Infrastructure, Athlete schemes
John Widdowson Dr Christine Nash, Professor John Sproule PhD Transference of life skill in the sporting environment
Chloe Williamson Dr Graham Baker, Dr Paul Kelly, Professor Nanette Mutrie PhD Developing effective physical activity messages to enhance physical activity behaviour and mental health in University Students
Marika Wood Dr Pauline Sangster, Charles Anderson EdD How children's literature can be used to teach critical literacy skills to Arabic, adult learners.
Yinhua (Ann) Wu Dr Lorna Hamilton, Dr Joan Cutting PhD What role does a cross-cultural context play in the development of teacher identity: a case study of a group of Chinese Language Assistances (CLAs)
Jing Xu Dr Yvonne Foley, Dr Jill Northcott PhD Proposing Critical Literacy Approach in the Chinese Vocational EFL Classroom
Yifang Xu Dr Nicola Galloway, Jill Northcott PhD English as lingua franca in Chinese Universities
Yujun (June) Xu Professor Grant Jarvie, Dr Pete Allison PhD Intercultural learning in youth sail training voyages
Chia-Ying (Annie) Yang Dr Yvonne Foley, Jill Northcott PhD Maintaining Tai-yu, the role of language policies, ideologies, and practices in Taiwanese primary schools
Sujin Yoon Dr Gillean McCluskey, Dr Debi Fry PhD North Korean refugee children in South Korean schools
Chen Zhang Professor Rowena Arshad, Dr Jingyi Li PhD Closing the Broch: applicant to returnee, an ethnographic study of a  group of Chinese students complete Scottish education journey to investigate how they make adjustments emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally that may influence their educational, sociocultural and  employment success
Hao Zhang Dr Florence Bonacina-Pugh, Dr Andy Hancock, Cathy Benson PhD Mandarin teaching in Scotland
Xiang (Cam) Zhao Dr Tony Turner, Professor John Sproule PhD Unilateral resistance training in adolescent athletes
Yang Zhao Dr John Kelly, Wendy Timmons PhD Participation in Scottish Country Dancing in Edinburgh and Shandong Yangge in Weihai
Linsha (Lisa) Zhou Dr Lorna Hamilton, Dr Holly Linklater, Dr Shari Sabeti PhD Fostering Professional Creativity in Preservice Teacher Education: A Comparative Case Study in Mainland China and Scotland
Qian (Rebekah) Zhou Dr Aileen Irvine, Zhu Zhu PhD Motivation VS Language attainment: A longitudinal multiple-case study on a class of tertiary students learning Chinese in a UK master's programme

Graduated Research Students

Name Supervisors Degree and Project Title
Kahlid Abdul Professor Pete Higgins, Dr Beth Christie EdD Graduated 2018: The Nature and Scope of Outdoor Education in the city state of Singapore
Mary Andrew Dr Pauline Sangster, Professor Lindsay Paterson EdD Graduated 2018: Exploring Gaelic-medium teachers' perceptions of professional learning for teaching Gaelic in and through the curriculum
Sarah Baeshin Dr Joan Cutting, Dr Cathy Benson PhD Graduated 2016: The impact of workshops on seven teachers’ beliefs and practices about the L1 use in a Saudi Arabian University
Assem Berniyazova Dr Christine Sinclair, Dr Hamish Macleod PhD Graduated 2018: Worldwide diffusion of XXI century educational innovations: opportunities and challenges for educational institutions in Central Eurasia
Rosemary Buchanan Charles Anderson EdD Graduated 2017: The Notion of Truth: How lecturers in Higher Education view the phenomena of truth within the context of their teaching
Shams Bukhari Dr Joan Cutting, Dr Mairin Hennerbray PhD Graduated 2017: Using Arabic as a strategy when teaching EFL in Saudi Arabia
Ania Byerly Professor Sheila Riddell, Professor Rowena Arshad PhD Graduated 2016: Scottish primary school teacher perspectives on multicultural and anti-racist education
Patricia Cacho Professor Rowena Arshad, PhD Graduated 2016: About Life Ambitions of black and minority ethnic young people in rural Scotland
Mario Cardona Dr Jim Crowther, Mae Shaw PhD Graduated 2016: Drafting a way forward for community-based agriculture in Malta through an investment in education and training
Michele Carilo Dr Pauline Sangster, Dr Maria Dasli, Dr Mike Jess PhD Graduated 2018: Portuguese as a Foreign Language Education in Brazil: policy enactment and curricular development for PEC-G students
Dave Clarke Dr Robbie Nicol, Dr John Telford PhD Graduated 2018: Outdoor learning and the ontological turn: considering pedagogies of experience, place and sustainability through new materialist philosophy
Alice Dias Lopes Professor Cristina Iannelli, Professor Lindsay Paterson PhD Graduated 2018: International Mobility in Higher Education: understanding the dynamics of inequality and social stratification in the Brazilian educational system
Dafni Dima Professor Cristina Iannelli, Professor Lindsay Paterson PhD Graduated 2018: Labour market transitions before and during the Great recession in Europe
Richie Dunk Dr Gillian Robinson, Professor Morwenna Griffiths EdD Graduated 2016: Working at Hyperreality High; considering the teacher as a Baudrillardian simulacrum
Peter Evans Professor Siân Bayne, Professor Jeff Haywood PhD Graduated 2017: The impacts of social media applications on the theory and practices of work based learning for professionals/ knowledge based occupations
Tim Fawns Dr Hamish Macleod, Dr Ethel Quayle PhD Graduated 2016: Blended memory: remembering and forgetting through digital photography
Jo Forster Dr Jim Crowther, Margaret Petrie PhD Graduated 2018: 'Exit, loyalty and voice' the experience of adult learners in the context of de- industrialisation in North East England
Gary Fraser Mae Shaw PhD Graduated 2017: Delivering community engagement and participation – a contradiction in terms? A study into how professional Community Learning and Development Workers construct purpose and practice
Katherine Friend Professor Sheila Riddell, Dr Gale MacLeod PhD Graduated 2016: Widening participation initiatives and the experience of underrepresented students at three elite institutions: a comparative study
Emilia Georgiou Professor Rowena Arshad, Dr Lorna Hamilton PhD Graduated 2018: Constructions of Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Education in Cyprus: Critical Ethnographic Case Studies of 3 Greek-Cypriot Primary Schools
Tomohiro Gonjo Dr Simon Coleman, Professor Ross Sanders, Dr Carla McCabe PhD Graduated 2017: Comparison of biomechanical and physiological characteristics between front crawl and back crawl
Stuart Gray Professor Judy Robertson PhD Graduated 2017: Investigating the effectiveness of an active smart-phone game as a tool for improving executive function in children
Srecko Joksimovic Professor Siân Bayne, Professor Dragan Gasevic PhD Graduated 2017: Networked Learning Analytics
Konstantinos Kalitsis Dr Simon Coleman, Dr Carla McCabe MPhil Graduated 2016: The effect of a ‘critical speed’ swimming set and a dryland training session on kinematic characteristics and biochemical indices of elite and intermediate level swimmers.
Jaroslaw Kriukow Dr Joan Cutting, Dr Nicola Galloway PhD Graduated 2017: Investigating English language identity of Polish migrants in Scotland: the case for ELF-oriented pedagogy
Krystallia Kyritsi , Dr Kristina Konstantoni PhD Graduated 2018: Creativity in primary schools: Exploring perspectives on creativity within a Scottish primary school classroom
Yvonne Laird Dr Ailsa Niven, Dr Sam Fawkner PhD Graduated 2016: The effect of social support on physical activity in adolescent girls
Siti Abdul Latif Dr Elisabet Weedon, Dr Jo Williams PhD Graduated 2018: In Education: Designing a culturally sensitive screening tool in identifying students with Emotional and Behavioural difficulties in Brunei Darussalam
George Low , Marlies Kustatscher PhD Graduated 2018: Where are all the disabled musicians?: An exploration of the attitudinal and physical barriers that impact on the identities and lived experiences of musicians with a physical impairment
Sarah MacIsaac Dr Shirley Gray, Professor John Sproule PhD Graduated 2017: The 'truth' about health: Critical inquiry and a health and wellbeing curriculum
Lorele MacKie Dr Rosie Mulholland, Professor Lyn Tett EdD Graduated 2016:
Justine MacLean Dr Nataša Pantić, Professor Lani Florian PhD Graduated 2018: The factors that enable and constrain physical education teachers to act as agents of change during large-scale educational reform
Noor Banu Mahadir Dr Lorna Hamilton, Dr Jim Crowther PhD Graduated 2017: Citizenship and civic engagement: An investigation into citizenship education in multi-ethnic Malaysia
Samir Mammadov Dr Hamish Macleod, Charles Anderson EdD Graduated 2016: Factors Impacting the Integration of One-to-One Computing Initiative into Learning and Teaching in Azerbaijan
Geetha Marcus Dr Gillean McCluskey PhD Graduated 2016: From The Margins to the Centre: The Educational Experiences of Gypsy/Traveller Girls in Scottish Schools
Aaron Marshall Dr Pete Allison, Dr Jonathan Hearn PhD Graduated 2017: Can virtue theory and its associated pedagogical approach supply experiential education with a framework for character formation?
Christina Mavropoulou Professor John Ravenscroft, Professor Morwenna Griffiths PhD Graduated 2017: Nihilism and Education
Paul McMillan Charles Anderson, Dr Gillian Robinson, Dr Mike Jess PhD Graduated 2017: “To See Oursels”: A Qualitative Investigation of Secondary Physical Education Teachers’ Practice
Lynn McNair , Professor John Ravenscroft PhD Graduated 2016: Rules, rules, rules and we're not allowed to skip: Listening to the children's voices about the transition to primary one
Dulce Mendoza Professor Cristina Iannelli PhD Graduated 2017: Social inequalities in young people's educational outcomes. A comparative study among upper secondary schools in Mexico
Raheleh Mireslami Dr Gale MacLeod, Professor Morwenna Griffiths PhD Graduated 2017: Critical thinking in religious education resources: A case study of four secondary schools in Scotland
Kenneth Moffat Dr Aileen Kennedy, Dr Gillian Robinson PhD Graduated 2018: An autoethnography of lifelong learning
Melissa Moncrieffe Dr Elisabet Weedon, Professor Lyn Tett PhD Graduated 2016: Interpretations of a model of Non-Formal Education: A critical, comparative case study analysis of national US and Scottish programs for young people
Nurfaradilla Nasri Dr Pauline Sangster, Dr Jan McArthur PhD Graduated 2016: Econceptualizing Self-directed Learning in a Malaysian context
Clare Nugent Professor Pete Higgins, Dr Simon Beames PhD Graduated 2017: Nature Kindergarten - a comparative study
Ibtihal Ramadan Professor Rowena Arshad, Dr Daphne Loads PhD Graduated 2017: An Investigation of Muslim Academics' Perceptions of Equality and Social Justice in their Educational Experiences at UK Universities
Emilee Rauschenberger Mary Hartley, Professor Lindsay Paterson PhD Graduated 2017: International Policy Borrowing in Education - The Teach For America Model in Foreign Contexts
Jennifer Roberts Dr Shereen Benjamin PhD Graduated 2018: An analysis of the effects of gender messages disseminated through educational institutions on identity formation in female adolescence
Sho Shimoyamada Dr Robbie Nicol, Dr Simon Beames PhD Graduated 2017: An ethnographic exploration of Open Gardens
Charles Silvane Professor Carolin Kreber, Dr Pete Allison PhD Graduated 2016: A plural Moral Philosophical Perspective on Citizenship Education
Natalia Sokolova Dr Aileen Irvine, Dr Rosemary Douglas PhD Graduated 2016: Evaluation of the language proficiency component of a Russian University's final examination for prospective teachers of English as a Foreign Language in secondary schools.
Tessa Strain (nee Hill) Dr Paul Kelly, Dr Claire Fitzsimons PhD Graduated 2018: Using health survey physical activity monitoring data to support policy and practice
Sharifah Syed Abdullah Dr Simon Beames, Dr Robbie Nicol PhD Graduated 2018: Epistemological Diversity in Decontextualised Outdoor Environmental Education
Samya Taroom PhD Graduated 2017: Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Oman
Jennifer Treacy (nee Salfen) Dr Robbie Nicol, Dr Pauline Sangster, Dr Sarah McGeown PhD Graduated 2017: Curricular Sports Programmes and Positive Youth Development in a Scottish context
Vicki Trowler Charles Anderson PhD Graduated 2016: Nomads in Contested Landscapes: Reframing Student Engagement and "Non-Traditionality" in Higher Education
Sumera Umrani Dr Lorna Hamilton, Dr Maria Dasli PhD Graduated 2016: Outcomes of English Language Teaching and Learning in Pakistan: A Case Study of University of Sindh
Jenestar Wanjiru Dr Gale MacLeod, Dr Gillean McCluskey, Dr Dee Torrance PhD Graduated 2016: Towards sustainable inclusion/retention of marginalised and vulnerable children: exploring leadership practices and perspectives in one primary school in Kenya
Susan Whittaker Professor Cristina Iannelli, Dr Ross Bond PhD Graduated 2016: Cross border student flows in higher education