Moray House School of Education and Sport

Inaugural lecture videos

Our newly appointed Professors or Chairs give an illuminating overview of their contribution to their field.

Professor John Ravenscroft, Chair of Childhood Visual Impairment (5 December 2018)


Professor Rowena Arshad OBE, Chair in Multicultural and Anti-Racist Education (18 September 2018)


Professor Judy Robertson, Chair in Digital Learning (15 May 2018)


Professor Cristina Iannelli, Personal Chair of Education and Social Stratification (26 April 2017)


Professor Lani Florian, Bell Chair of Education (11 March 2015)


Professor Siân Bayne, Personal Chair of Digital Education (4 March 2015)

Professor Grant Jarvie, Chair of Sport (22 April 2014)


Professor Nanette Mutrie MBE, Chair in Physical Activity for Health (10 December 2013)


Professor John M Davis, Professor of Childhood Inclusion (13 May 2014), presented on 'Including Children in Scotland: Concepts, Structures, Relationships and the Common Weal'.

Professor Peter Higgins, Professor of Outdoor and Environmental Education (28 October 2008) presented on 'Why indoors? The role of outdoor learning in sustainability, health and citizenship'.

Professor Morwenna Griffiths, Chair in Classroom Learning (Education) (24 March 2009) presented on 'Justice, joy and educational delights'.

Professor Sheila Riddell, Professor of Inclusion and Diversity (22 April 2008) presented on 'Inclusion and Diversity in Education: Tensions and Aspirations'.

Professor Dai Hounsell, Chair of Higher Education (19 October 2004) presented on 'Teaching and Learning in an Age of Mass Higher Education'.

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