Moray House School of Education and Sport

Estates history

Old Moray House is the oldest building in the University of Edinburgh. This history details the Moray House estate and its developments including key architectural features.

Old Moray House

History, architecture and garden of Old Moray House - the oldest building in the University of Edinburgh.

Charteris Land

In response to the shortage of teachers in Scotland in the late 1950s and early 1960s Moray House looked to the possibility of building additional teaching facilities close to existing estate, the result of which was Charteris Land.

Dalhousie Land

In the late 1950s the increase in student numbers meant that there was a requirement for more teaching accommodation at Holyrood, resulting in another new development, named Dalhousie Land.

Paterson's Land

A major new facility built at the turn of the 20th century to accommodate rising numbers and improve training methods.

Simon Laurie House

Simon Laurie House, which received its current name 2001, was originally built during a redevelopment of some of Moray House's Canongate properties in the 1960s.

St John's Land

The present St John's Land was erected sometime between 1766-68 by John, the second Earl of Hopetoun, (1704 to 1781).

St John Street

The origin of the use of the St John name in this neighbourhood is obscure but it has certainly been in use since 1540 when it described a triangular plot of land to the south of the Canongate.

St Leonard's Land

As part of the development of new specialist teaching accommodation the Board of Governors agreed in 1967 to develop a Physical Education block.

The Canongate

The Canongate forms part of what is now called the 'Royal Mile' running from Edinburgh Castle down to Holyrood Palace.

The Nursery School

For many years Moray House ran a nursery for children in various parts of the city as well as at Holyrood itself.

The Old Kirk

This was the kirk of the Old (or Great) Kirk, a congregation which had originally worshipped in part of St Giles from 1560, and in this Old Kirk between 1882 and 1941.

Thomson's Land

Thomson's Land began its history as the Demonstration School, providing primary and secondary education as well as opportunities for Moray House student teachers to practise.