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Video subtitling service

Introduction to our video subtitling service.

What is the video subtitling service?

We are very pleased to offer a video subtitling service for our teaching staff here at Moray House School of Education and Sport. Video is increasingly used in teaching and learning, yet the University does not currently have a system for subtitling curriculum materials. The new service will provide high quality subtitles for video clips or DVDs that you use in teaching. The aim is to ensure that all students receive fair and accessible materials.

The service is designed to be simple for teachers to use. Simply fill out the online form (via the link at the foot of the page) and the subtitling team will process your request.

Which students need subtitles?

  • All students who have subtitles as an adjustment on their schedule from Student Disability Service (SDS)
  • Other deaf students with adjustments who may be in later years of their programme and may not have been back to SDS to update their adjustments. If you see a student wearing a hearing aid or using sign language, assume they will want subtitles
  • Other students who may not have declared their deafness. This is particularly likely to be true for students aged 50+
  • Students with English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • Students who need to study on the move and cannot access audio

Which video formats can I submit?

  • Weblink of a video online
  • A video you have made yourself
  • A commercial DVD
  • A session or lecture recorded online (eg using Collaborate, Kaltura or Teams)

Any video files you have should be uploaded to Media Hopper. DVDs will need to be sent or handed in to Thomson's Land 1.08. There are instructions on the online form and the subtitling team can help if you are not sure how to sumit a video.

How to submit a video

Please complete the online form below.

Note - videos should be submitted at least 2 weeks before you need the video in a class. This will allow time for it to be subtitled, checked, and returned to you. It is always good practice to share the video with the deaf student before it is needed in a class, for example by putting it on a VLE (i.e. Learn).

Video Subtitling Request Form

If you have any questions about the subtitling unit, please contact Herve Lacroix.