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A selection of snapshots offering an insight into the daily lives of our alumni community.

We asked alumni to send us a photo of the view from their desks or workspaces. The eclectic submissions include perspectives of office desks, laboratories, workshops, studios and industrial estates, serving as fascinating snapshots of the  varied and global locations in which alumni work and create.

José Mezquita

Jose mezquita view in Panama City
MSc in Environment & Development, 2011

“From my window is a view to a part of the financial and banking district of Panama City. I find it inspiring to look out and see people go about with their day-to-day business, especially when the national football team plays and everyone is out wearing their red Panama kits.”

Mike Dixon

 Mike Dixon's desk view
PhD in Plant-Environment Interactions & Biophysics, 1982

Mike is a Professor and Director of the Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

“This is just across the hall and shows an array of custom plant growth chambers used to measure plant-environment interactions relevant to deploying controlled environment systems (greenhouses) on the Moon or Mars for human life support.”

Simon White

Simon White's desk view
MSc in Veterinary Science, 1982

“I am just reading Enlightened in my office in a renovated annex to my house in central France (Loire Valley). From here, I am advising on good distribution practice of medicines globally for Pfizer. On the wall on the left some original artwork by my partner Pascale. On the shelf on the right you can make out my Edinburgh degree certificate. But the reason for this office location is the prunus in blossom and the yews beyond.”

Xu Teo

Xu Teo's desk view
BSc (Hons) in Ecological Science (Environmental Science), 2014; MSc in Earth Observation & Geoinformation Management, 2015

“I work at Earth-i in Guildford, a satellite imagery and value-added services company, and we recently announced that we will be launching our own constellation of high-definition, full-colour, video satellites built by Surrey Satellites Technology - the company out of my window.”

Sandie Hall

Sandie Hall's desk view
LLB, 2008; Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, 2009

“I work at Melbourne Museum, a post-modernist building positioned opposite the World Heritage Listed Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Australia. Looking out of the window I feel really lucky to be working in such a beautiful city – and for an institution that is central to its cultural life, past and present.”

Georgina Dixson

Georgina Dixson's desk view
Medical elective, 2018

“Here is a view from my desk when studying for my medical exams in Port Macquarie, Australia. I’m a final-year Australian medical student at the University of New South Wales. I did my medical elective at the Royal Infirmary through the University of Edinburgh.”

Madhav Mittal

Madhav Mittal's desk view
MSc in Finance & Investment, 2015

Madhav is an Associate Consultant with PwC.

“Our office is based in More London Riverside, adjacent to the tall Shard building and overlooking the River Thames, Royal Palace of Horse Guards and the Tower Bridge. The view is spectacular and often distracting with the bridge opening for big ships to pass as well as the tourists posing in all sorts to get their pictures.”