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How the Edinburgh International Data Facility connects with the wider world

What makes a Safe Haven safe?

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For many years EPCC has operated the technical end of the Scottish National Safe Haven (NSH), the Trusted Research Environment which underpins nationwide public-benefit research with sensitive data in Scotland. Recently we have compiled a toolkit that enables us to create additional Safe Haven services as part of our work in building the Edinburgh International Data Facility.

Phase 1 hardware installation now well underway

Just before Christmas 2020, we took ownership of Computer Room 4 (cr4) at EPCC's  Advanced Computing Facility. This will be the home of the Edinburgh International Data Facility.

Cerebras Systems AI supercomputer selected to rapidly accelerate AI research on EIDF

First European CS-1 deployment advances natural language processing and data science research across public, private and academic organisations

Autumn update

Work on the Edinburgh International Data Facility passed three key milestones this autumn, bringing the infrastructure that will underpin the £600m Data-Driven Innovation Programme significantly closer to reality.

EIDF and EPCC’s COVID-19 response

EPCC and EIDF have been working closely with public agencies to support responses to COVID-19.

EIDF Summer 2020 update

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, work is proceeding on the development of the Edinburgh International Data Facility and the building that will host it.

NCAP: enabling research access to historic geospatial data of places around the globe

The National Collection of Aerial Photography (NCAP) is an early adopter of EIDF.  Dr Allan Williams, the Head of NCAP, outlines the work of the Edinburgh and Washington, DC based team.

How the Edinburgh International Data Facility can unlock new opportunities

Ritchie Somerville, Data Driven Innovation Programme, explains how the launch of EIDF represents a unique opportunity to develop new ways of investigating how data can underpin improvements across public policy-making, the operation of companies, and the delivery of services. EIDF can also empower individuals to explore what data means for them.

eDRIS: enabling research access to Scottish health datasets

The electronic Data Research and Innovation Service (eDRIS) is an early adopter of EIDF and its Safe Haven services. Carole Morris, eDRIS Head of Service, explains the role of the Service.

EIDF: a unique service for academia and industry

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The Edinburgh International Data Facility, which is being developed by EPCC, will facilitate new products, services, and scientific studies by bringing together regional, national and international datasets.

EIDF: a long-term, comprehensive data infrastructure

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The Edinburgh International Data Facility will exist for the long term and will be continuously improved to meet its users’ needs.

Festival Mobility: decisions with data

Royal Mile during Edinburgh Festival
If you’ve lived in Edinburgh during August, you’ve witnessed a city transformed. Together, Edinburgh’s August festivals represent an annual event close to the size of the Olympic Games.

DataLoch: data-driven public health

EPCC and other partners at the University of Edinburgh have commenced work on a new programme to develop DataLoch, a data repository for all local, regional and national health and social care data for residents of the Edinburgh & South East Scotland region.

EIDF Phase 1: core elements

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Working with a number of key stakeholders and early adopters, EPCC is putting together the core elements of EIDF, including building its new home at our Advanced Computing Facility (ACF).