Edinburgh International Data Facility


EIDF provides computing services designed for data science. We offer a range of services from scalable notebooks, through data science desktops to specialist compute platforms, including Europe's first Cerebras CS1 large-scale AI engine.

Cerebras CS-1

The SuperDome Flex Cerebras CS-1 service gives users access to Europe's first Cerebras CS-1 AI supercomputer.

Ultra2 service

Ultra2 is a large-memory high-performance compute service for the most demanding problems. Ultra2 is an HPE Superdome Flex with 18 TB of main memory.

Managed JupyterHub [early adopter]

We provide classic data science notebooks through JupyterHub. Our notebooks support a range of programming languages including Python and R, and run on a scalable infrastructure to provide additional performance.

Virtual desktops [early adopter]

We provide a range of desktops delivered to your web browser using "virtual desktop infrastructure" (VDI). Choose from a range of pre-configured virtual desktop machines (VMs) ready-built with data science toolkits for a variety of uses.

Managed RStudio Server [in development]

We provide a scalable RStudio Server service for data scientists who don't need the power of a full virtual desktop.