Edinburgh International Data Facility

Access to EIDF

How you get access depends on which services you want to use, whether you're a partner in the Data-Driven Innovation Programme, whether you are an academic or commercial user and how much resource you require.

EIDF hosts a number of distinct compute and data management services with different levels of availability and some variation in access patterns. The descriptions in the service catalogue ("Services" on the main menu) will guide you.

EIDF Service Catalogue

Early adopter programme

Many EIDF services begin in the early adopter programme. We work directly with bold and pioneering users within the DDI Programme to co-create services which we then make generally availble. We always want EIDF to provide services that users actually need. If you need something "DDI" that we don't currently provide, contact us and we can explore what's possible.

General access

Once services are generally available, access depends on your relationship to the DDI Programme.

DDI Programme academic access

Access for academic partners within the DDI Programme is free at the point of use.

Commercial access

EIDF has been designed to support a wide range of industry applications and EPCC can provide access to cloud, HPC and storage resources and to consultancy effort to exploit EIDF effectively.

For commercial access to EIDF and EPCC expertise please get in touch through the "Contact us" button.

Resource Units

Where we measure things for cost purposes we use the following units:

  • Storage on EIDF is currently granted in units of GiB, where 1 GiB is 1,048,576 kB
  • Computing time on the EIDF Data Science Cloud is currently granted in units of "virtual machine-month" (an agreed-size virtual machine available for 1 month)
  • Computing time on the Ultra2 AI service is measured by the core-hour. 1 Ultra2 core-hour is the equivalent of 1 physical core used for 1 hour
    • Computing time on the Cerebras CS1 accelerator is measured differently. Contact us for details