For students

Virtual Investor Programme

The Virtual Investor Programme will support you through your investor readiness journey - at your own speed.

Are you thinking about equity investment for your startup? If you are, then our Virtual Investor programme is for you. 

This online programme will give you:

  • Guidance through the process to get investor ready and help to give yourself the best chance of securing investment
  • Access to valuable resources, guides, templates and tools
  • Feedback on your executive summary, business plan, pitch deck and pitch
  • Help to identify gaps and areas to work on
  • Dedicated 1-2-1 support throughout the process
  • A chance to do a virtual investor pitch
  • Exposure to potential investment scenarios
  • Introductions to the investment community
  • Help to identify likely investors

How does it work?

The Virtual Investor program is designed to replicate the process of applying for investment to an angel syndicate or VC, with helpful feedback along the way. Here's how it works:

  1. Virtual Investor Online application - submit this application to start the process
  2. Virtual "Gatekeeper" review - we'll get back to you with feedback on your submission and suggested next steps. This might include areas to work on or an invitation to the next stage
  3. Virtual "Gatekeeper" presentation - presentation and Q&A with our internal "Gatekeeper" team. Revised feedback and suggested next steps. This also might include areas to work on or an invitation to the next stage
  4. Virtual "Angel Syndicate" presentation - a chance to present to members of the Edinburgh early stage investment community.

1-2-1 support will be available throughout to guide you through the process and beyond, as appropriate.


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