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Orfeas Boteas - Krotos

The Dehumaniser allows unearthly sound effects to be created from the human voice in real time.

Edinburgh Innovations client Orfeas Boteas

Entrepreneur profile 

Founder: Orfeas Boteas 

Studied: MSc Sound Design

Edinburgh College of Art 


The idea

The Dehumaniser allows unearthly sound effects to be created from the human voice in real time, where previously a laborious process of layering and synchronising multiple sounds would take hours. 


"My background is in sound engineering, I have worked in different aspects of sound in post-production for short films, documentaries and TV shows. But I wanted to focus more on sound design for games and films."


Greatest achievement

"Our products have been used in top films and games in Hollywood. Our biggest achievement is seeing our work being used in Hollywood blockbuster films and games. For example the Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Jungle Book; video games such as Doom, Far Cry and Sonic; and TV hits including Stranger Things 2 and Game of Thrones."


Support from Edinburgh Innovations

Orfeas used his internship with the Edinburgh Innovations student service to move his ideas forward and was able to found his company, Krotos Ltd, in 2013. 


"Edinburgh is a great place to be for a startup, as it has a brilliant ecosystem with a fantastic community. There are a lot of advisers, a lot of people that have been through the process many times and can help you. With the universities in Edinburgh, there is access to talent, you can hire graduates and people who are very specialised in certain areas."


I have been engaged with Edinburgh Innovations since 2013 and have benefitted from their one-to -one advice as well as such initiatives as the Virtual Board and have gone on to receive investment via Old College Capital. I’d recommend students get involved with Edinburgh Innovations.


Advice for budding entrepreneurs

"Really love what you are doing because it’s not easy and you need to have a little patience and you need to work hard to grow a business. If you like what you’re doing, you can overcome the problems and difficulties and move forward."


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