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Empowering Local Energy (ELE) Group

The ELE Group is to ensuring that everyone has access to the renewable energy revolution

The ELE Group is a team of three female engineering who are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the renewable energy revolution, with no communities left behind. As the world recovers from Covid-19, improving access to sustainable, affordable and reliable energy while supporting wider socio-economic development will be crucial. The ELE Group aims to empower communities to achieve these goals and take a more active role in their energy journey through engagement and wider technical support. ELE’s interdisciplinary expertise in energy systems design and analysis, education and project management acts as a catalyst for community-led discussions and initiatives on planning their local energy journey.

  • Katherine Frangos – Co-founder, Director and CEO - Trained mechanical engineer who worked in the US oil and gas industry before transitioning to renewables. Experienced in complex stakeholder management, project delivery, hybrid energy system design and modelling.
  • Ndeye Maty Tall – Co-founder, Director and COO Trained electrical engineer in Energy and Power Systems. Experienced in modelling complex energy systems and interested in the intersection of energy systems with gender and social inclusion.
  • Michelle Stevens – Co-founder, Director and CTO Licensed professional civil engineer (in USA). Experienced in project management and engineering of buildings and infrastructure as well as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and passionate about reducing climate change impacts. 

The Empowering Local Energy Group took part in our 2021 Startup Summer Accelerator. 

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