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Danu Robotics

A robotic system for recycling and waste management industry

Danu Robotics is a team of dedicated scientists and engineers working together to develop advanced and sustainable technological solutions for the benefit of the environment.

The world generates three billion tonnes of domestic solid waste annually, less than 10% of it is recycled. This is because the current recycling process is extremely inefficient. Danu Robotics are developing a revolutionary robotic system for the recycling and waste management industry to significantly increase recycling efficiency. Their robotic solution can reduce the contamination rate from current level of 50% to 10% to below 1% while saving on operating costs ranging from 30% to 100%.

Founder and CEO, Xiaoyan (Amy) Ma is graduate from the University of Edinburgh and studied a MSc High Performance Computing with Data Science.

Xiaoyan is a committed environmentalist, has extensive working experience in managing and developing large and complex software systems and products. She also has strong academic background in Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

“The support I got from like-minded entrepreneurs was invaluable and I am still benefiting from it.”

Xiaoyan Ma and the Danu Robotics team are still supported by Edinburgh Innovations today. With Xiaoyan taking advantage of our many workshops and events, the Enterprise Foundation Programme and the Startup Summer Accelerator.


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