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Carcinotech is an innovative MedTech company specialising in manufacturing 3D printed tumours

Carcinotech is an innovative MedTech company. They specialise in manufacturing 3D printed tumours to provide a platform for rapid, ethical, sustainable and accurate drug discovery and testing. Working with global partners, leading pharma companies, surgeons, pathologists, clinicians to accelerate drug discovery and bring more effective cancer treatments to market.

Ishani Malhotra is the founder and CEO with seven years’ experience in cancer diagnostics, stem cell research, management, business development, certificate of achievement from Harvard Medial School on cancer genetics, won several awards for her work with Carcinotech and successfully formed a strategic partnership with Cellink to advance cancer model development through Carcinotech.

Ishani graduated from the University of Edinburgh with MSc Regenerative Medicine in 2017 and used our services to develop Carcinotech, attending events and completing the Startup Summer Accelerator. 


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