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We have been honoured to work with talented student entrepreneurs from many backgrounds and academic disciplines.

Yaldi Games

Immersive games that combine adventure, education and sustainability

Advancing Eve

Lara McGowan, Advancing Eve
A membership community dedicated to supporting women


Ishani Malhotra
Carcinotech is an innovative MedTech company specialising in manufacturing 3D printed tumours

Empowering Local Energy (ELE) Group

empowering local energy group
The ELE Group is to ensuring that everyone has access to the renewable energy revolution

Danu Robotics

Xiaoyan Ma, Danu Robotics
A robotic system for recycling and waste management industry

Chashi Foods

Promoting sustainable food waste management solutions


A UK biotech startup company passionate about independent living. has developed a new way to sort waste automatically.

Juli Bolaños-Durman

Edinburgh Innovation's client Juli Bolanos-Durman
An award-winning Costa Rican artist with a background in graphic design and mixed media

Orfeas Boteas - Krotos

Edinburgh Innovation's client Orfeas Boteas
The Dehumaniser allows unearthly sound effects to be created from the human voice in real time.

Elisabeth Feldstein - Augment Bionics

Edinburgh Innovation's client Elisabeth Feldstein
Augment Bionics is building a smart, highly functional and affordable 3D printed prosthesis.

Aayush Goyal & Karis Gill - Social Stories Club

Edinburgh Innovation's clients Aayush and Karis
Social Stories Club is all about making ethical products more accessible

Pooja Jain - CogniHealth

CogniHealth aims to transform the experience of living with dementia with its app CogniCare

Douglas Martin - MiAlgae

Edinburgh Innovations client Douglas Martin
MiAlgae aims to revolutionise the animal and fish feed industries with microalgae made from the co-products of whisky.

James Turing - The Turing Trust

James Turing standing in front of a high stack of used PC hardware
The Turing Trust is a charity that refurbishes computers donated in the UK for use in schools overseas.

Alison Wood - Lilypads

Edinburgh Innovations client Alison Wood
Lilypads ensures women have access to sanitary products that fit their needs