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Enterprise Foundation Programme

Join our Enterprise Programme to develop your idea in just four weeks.

The Enterprise Foundation Programme will give you opportunities to develop the building blocks that can make your enterprise succeed. Better connect your idea with customers and beneficiaries and communicate your idea to people who can help you thrive.

You’ll learn alongside a cohort of like-minded peers and have the chance to join our entrepreneurial community and connect with others.


This programme will take place over 4-weeks and consists of:

  • Developing your idea working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and learning about yourself by helping others
  • Validating your idea with market research and tried and tested entrepreneurial tools
  • Preparing to launch your idea by learning how to find your first customers, build a prototype and learn essential pitching skills
  • Effectively communicating your idea to your peers and our panel, getting valuable feedback to help you hone your idea and identify funding opportunities
  • Engaging with the University's entrepreneurial community

Time commitment

Taking place over 4-weeks with a minimum 15-hour time commitment for the whole programme.

We will got through 8 modules together, these are:

  • Introductions 
  • Problem-solution fit 
  • Build, measure and learn 
  • Customers and stakeholders 
  • Prototyping 
  • Pitching 
  • Funding and opportunities 
  • Networking 

You will gain access to these modules as soon as you enrol on the course. Each module has a brief video and article from our diverse team as well as a short task for you to accomplish. We will sort you into a group based on the applications we receive. If you are not able to attend scheduled workshop times, we will work with you to ensure you are able to still experience the programme fully. 

You'll be informed of the result of your application after the next deadline (to be confirmed, but likely 31st January 2022), then invited to attend the following workshops:

  • Welcome Q&A and meet your cohort
  • Pitching workshop
  • Pitch 'n' party  

Cohort meetings will be arranged by your cohort manager, based on mutual availability. 

Upon successful completion of the Programme (attending all four workshops, pitching your idea and getting feedback), you’ll receive a certificate.

You can also elect to automatically be entered into our monthly Business Ideas Competition for a chance to win a share of £500!

NEXT DEADLINE: January 2022

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