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Impact Economies

This exciting series of new events are based around sustainability, social responsibility and entrepreneurship to inspire and support you to make a difference in the world.

We have paired up with the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability to bring you this series of exciting new events all themed around impact economies.

The impact economy is driven by organisations, entrepreneurs and social enterprises that focus on addressing societal challenges and the public good, which are often linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

If you are passionate about society and the environment these events are for you. Whether you have your own social enterprise, wish to launch an enterprise with sustainability at heart or align your career and research to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The three online events in the series are:

How can your ideas create a more sustainable future?

Thursday 7 October, 3.30pm-5pm

Come to this talk to get inspired and learn more about the impact-driven economies, social enterprises and the wider world of social and environmental entrepreneurship.

You’ll hear about social entrepreneurship from a global perspective, regional examples of success and the challenges we face as well as one of our own students who has gone one to find success in social entrepreneurship.

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Find your sustainable startup idea workshop

Thursday 21 October, 3.30pm-5pm

Join this interactive workshop to learn how to utilise and grow your skills, networks, experience and knowledge on social enterprise.

This workshop will help you consider ethics, worker wellbeing, the community and the wider environment as well as taking you through some ideation exercises so you can discover your own sustainable startup idea. 

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Make the world, better

Thursday 18 November, 3.30pm-5pm

Do you hope to have a positive impact on the world?

Attend this workshop to align your research and interests with a mission of social and environmental sustainability. We’ll take inspiration on how others have done this, discuss them with the group and commit to taking action to make the world, better.

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Who can attend?

If you are a staff member, student or recent graduates at the University of Edinburgh and are interest in enterprise with an underlying social or environmental mission then join our inspiring talks from global and local thought leaders.

Impact economies