For students

Funding Support

Edinburgh Innovations, and our many partners, offer funding support at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey – from helping you to test your business idea right through to launch and raising investment.


Entering a business competition is a great way to raise money to launch your business or social venture. Check out all the competitions you can apply for here at the University and further afield.


Applying for grants is a great way to help source the money you need to launch your business idea. Find out more about our Enterprise Initiative Grant for early stage student businesses and other grants from across the University and the wider Scottish startup scene that you can apply for.

Useful resources

Here in Scotland we are fortunate to have a diverse business infrastructure with a huge range of support from agencies such Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise, as well as a strong network of angel investors. Check out our investment guide and explore some of the funding sources for starting and growing your business or social venture.