For students


If you are at the start of your entrepreneurial journey these workshops will take you through the key steps to establishing and building a successful business.

Upcoming events:

How to write a business plan

Thursday 26 November 

Behind every great idea, there has to be a great business case. Join us for this two-hour online workshop where we'll provide the tools and templates to get you started. You'll also receive one-to-one advice on how to make your business plan viable and how to make your business case compelling. 

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Funding Workshop

Friday 27 November

This online webinar will provide an overview of the funding options for early-stage startups. From grants and competitions to loans and extraordinary government funding, this workshop will point you in the right direction to take that next step towards gaining funding. 

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Past workshops:

Practical advice for freelancers

If you think you might look at freelancing now or in the future, please join us to go over some of the practical considerations.

This is an interactive, participatory session. We will discuss

  • How to operate lawfully
  • How to market yourself
  • How to make sure you get paid.

We will also provide resources designed to help lay some foundational elements to your freelancing career.

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Pitching Workshop

Tuesday 17 November 

Being able to pitch your business or social enterprise idea to stakeholders, investors and potential customers is an essential skill for any entrepreneur to master. 

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Masterclass – Defining Your Value Proposition

The Unique Value Proposition is the foundation of your go-to-market strategy, your messaging and your overall marketing and sales efforts. It defines what your product or service is, who it’s designed to help, what it does, how it helps them, and why those customers care. The UVP uses clear, concise language to define the customer, articulate benefits and differentiate from the competition. It focuses on what is unique about your product or service and what it does better than any of its competitors.

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Masterclass – IP

Join us for this discussion on some basics of intellectual property (IP) as it may relate to University of Edinburgh student and alumni enterepreneurs.

We will cover topics such as:

  • A general overview of the different types of IP and the related processes and procedures regarding protecting such rights, including IP pre-clearance searches.
  • Online IP issues and considerations
  • Hands-on practical applications of IP

This session is open to students and recent alumni at the University of Edinburgh. It is intended for our clients who are already engaging with an Edinburgh Innovations business adviser.

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