For students

Setting up as a freelancer

Learn the basics of how to become a freelancer or sole trader and discover the wider support available.

With the growth of the ‘gig economy’ and the vast majority of individuals in the creative sector being in small businesses, self-employment or freelance careers, graduates are required to call on entrepreneurship and business skills on a daily basis.


The UK Government provides useful information about Working for Yourself

Creative Enterprise Toolkit includes useful handbooks, worksheets and case studies to help you shape your idea into a successful business. 

Cultural Enterprise Office – read an inspiring story of a Glasgow-based artist who re-established her creative career and became a freelancer. 

Freelancer Club is a website that allows freelancers to showcase their work, connect with others and access a wide range of benefits. 

A guide on how to price your work from the Artists Information company. Particularly useful for visual artists. 

If you are looking for some books and publications with helpful tips and facts about the world of work, The Bloomsbury creative careers section is for you. 

Jess Kelly teaches the 'Business of Craft' course at Edinburgh College of Art and runs a Pinterest page for the course. On the page, you will find information about identifying craft value and skills, building brand awareness and positioning, Gallery/Commission/Agent relationships, business planning, marketing, entrepreneurship, accountancy and the use of online promotional & e-commerce tools.

From this Pinterest page, we identified some books and resources that can be of interest to freelancers in certain industries and at certain stages: