For students

Managing your startup

Once you’ve started up find information here on how to manage your startup.

Further courses and resources can be found here to help you manage your startup, including the tax and legal structure, managing your finances, IP, trademark and legal, networking and the Sheperd and Wedderburn legal hub.

Tax and legal structures

Choosing the best legal structure for your business and understanding your responsibilities as a director along with your tax obligations is vital when setting up a business. Use our resources to better understand your options and responsibilities.

Managing your business finances

Access these resources to help you better manage your business finances

IP, trademarks, and copyright

Is your business idea based on innovative research (or new idea) that has led to new products and processes being developed? If so then you should consider securing your intellectual property (IP) through copyright, trademarks and patents. Learn the basics using these resources.


Networking is the process of establishing and cultivating meaningful relationships with professionals and peers to share knowledge, opportunities, and foster personal and career growth - a particularly important skill for entrepreneurs. Explore these resources to help you grow your network.

Shepherd and Wedderburn Legal Hub

We have a self-service legal hub developed for us by Shepherd and Wedderburn.

AWS activate credits

The AWS Activate program provides startups with the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS - including credits, training and support.