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The iTPA Accelerator Fund

Win up to £20,000 to develop ideas to proof-of-concept and enable further translational development to achieve impact


The University has been awarded an acceleration fund to diversify and intensify the support available to engage researchers across the medical, life and social sciences, working within the Wellcome science remit. The fund will help identify, explore and develop nascent translational opportunities within their research, enabling further applications to larger translational grants, as well as developing commercialisation opportunities. Investment in high potential projects will be considered up to a maximum of £20,000.

The funds will be used broadly to stimulate future translation of specific early-stage research projects. Uses can range from skill development through secondments and training to proof of concept experiments and understanding of the market. The award will support direct costs only and be associated with a range of activities including:

  • Develop your translational skills: industrial secondments, specialist training
  • Carry out translational lab work: proof-of-concept, drug repurposing, prototyping
  • Better understand the market, competition or IP landscape
  • Develop policy & best practice: build translational impact and understanding
  • Data analysis & feasibility studies: identify new methods from your data


Key dates and application guidance

Applications are currently closed. The next call deadline will be announced in due course.

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If you are considering applying or would like to discuss your ideas, please get in touch with the EiR or Business Development contact in your school (see Guidance Notes for details)

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Examples of funded projects

  • Obtaining regulatory advice for a novel therapeutic approach
  • Developing imaging methods for disease progression biomarkers
  • Developing an animal model of organ injury
  • A drug repositioning project for human and livestock infections
  • Development of a community care paradigm for a neurodevelopmental disorder



The fund is open to applications within the Wellcome science remit. Wellcome and non-Wellcome funded principal investigators (PIs) and postdocs are invited to apply. Early career researchers and postdocs are particularly encouraged to apply with the support of a nominated PI (responsible for the management of the award and ensuring the grant conditions are met).