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Translational Hub: a research support community

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Taking the first steps to turn your research into a real health benefit for society can often be the most challenging. 

We invite you to join Translational Hub. Part of Edinburgh Innovations, Translational Hub is a translational research community for scientists who want their research to make a difference through practical application in the real world.

This can be in several ways through: 

  • translation
  • clinical applications
  • commercialisation 
  • industry collaborations  
  • open innovation

By joining Translational Hub you will receive our monthly newsletter, tailored to early career researchers and postdocs and gain access to support and resources to develop the translational aspects of your research, gain skills and accelerate your career. 

These resources include training and mentoring opportunities, access to the iTPA funding pathway, and other grant funding opportunities.

Are you interested in understanding the impact or commercial potential of your idea? Speak to our Innovation Executive today to find out how to start your translational journey, or simply learn more about what the Translational Community can offer you. Book a meeting with Joe Murphy at your convenience.

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