For staff

Support for University staff

We have the expertise and experience to provide practical support at every stage of setting up a company. We help staff understand the commercial potential, offer practical and confidential advice and help find the funding and facilities that the business may need.

EI’s Enterprise team can offer you the following support in setting up your own company.

Professional, tailored advice

We run a series of no cost workshops through the year covering themes relevant to starting a business alongside experts that can address specific issues you are facing.

We have a range of information sheets, briefing packs and software packages which can be available to you as and when you need them.

Business planning

Behind every great idea, there has to be a great business case. We can help you to get there by providing tools and templates to get you started, one to one advice on what you will need to make your business plan viable and your business case compelling, as well as ongoing support as the plan starts to come together.

Market assessment

We can provide you with contacts, advice and support on what sort of market information you will need, potential sources of funding for it, how to get it, how to structure a market research brief so that you can get the most out of your report.


The Enterprise Development team is dedicated to ensuring the availability of early stage risk capital to support Edinburgh’s pipeline of technology based projects which is critical in the early stages of their development, as well as delivering significant benefits to the local economy.

We are committed to providing access to various funds, schemes, programmes and grants depending on the stage of your idea, research or business.

Other support schemes for Edinburgh’s staff entrepreneurs include the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Spin-out Programme, RSE Enterprise Fellowship, SMART Scotland, Scottish Edge plus many others.

The University also has its own Growth Investment Fund , Old College Capital which provides growth equity to leading spin-out and start –up companies from the University.

Sales, PR and marketing support

We, alongside other partner groups within the University, can provide access to experts that can assist you with honing your sales pitch and unique selling messages.

In some cases there is sector specific assistance available, for example, how to sell into the NHS, etc.

Mentoring and access to experts

One of the major strengths of the University network is its access to a portfolio of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts who are happy to give up some of their time to advise and support the University’s brightest projects.  From simply proving guidance and direction through to hands on practical support the role of these advisors is hugely significant in the wider eco system.

Where required, we can help find the right people for your company Board and provide contacts that can assist you with shareholder agreements and HR advice.

Business surgeries

Regular surgeries are held in our offices with a range of professional advisors from legal and accountancy firms to provide advice on incorporation of a company, shareholder and partnership agreements, IP protection (including patents), branding and trademarks as well as employment and accountancy.

There is a wealth of business support provision available nationwide and in the local area, and we can use our wider network to help you tap in to the appropriate service providers through our databases and connections.