For staff

IP training- intermediate level

These free training courses are a fantastic resource for staff and students with an interest in IP. They cover a wide range of IP related topics on an intermediate level.


Who is this for?

IP Tutor Plus helps lecturers understand intellectual property rights (trade marks, patents, copyright and design) and demonstrates how IP is useful in their students’ future careers.

What's available?

IP Tutor Plus provides four tailored learning pathways. Each pathway is adapted to be suitable for different areas of study; Law, Business & Accounting, STEM, Creative and Humanities. The pathways include lecture slides, guidance notes, pre-read for students, case studies and FAQs.

2. IP for Research

Who is this for?

IP for Research is aimed at PhD and Early Career Researchers. This tool will help identify how intellectual property (IP) fits into your research and the commercialisation process thereof.

What's available?

IP for Research provides focussed resources. The tool includes a planned workshop, 6 quick guides and an IP Lens to inform on key stages of the commercialisation process

3. UKIPO General IP and Digital IP workshops

These digital workshops have an intellectual property and business focus.

If you are interested in running these events with the help of Edinburgh Innovations, please email Richard Curtin, Intellectual Property and Patent Manager.

4. Murgitroyd webinars

Murgitroyd offers free presentations and podcasts on various topics including tips on protecting new products and innovations and the biggest myths about IP.

5. Marks & Clerk

On the Marks & Clerk website, you can access updates on the latest developments in IP and invitations to events

6. Dehns

Dehns offers podcasts, webinars and articles about a broad range of IP related topics.

7.  Academy by Patsnap

The courses offered by Patsnaps help users to understand the world of patents and IP and enable them to draw insights and apply this knowledge to business challenges.

8. European Patent Office (EPO)

a.) IP – Advance

IP Advanced offers in-depth teaching materials on patents, utility models and designs.

9. World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Academy

WIPO is the global forum for intellectual property services, policy and cooperation. The training courses seek to develop individuals’ skills and capabilities in IP.

Access all WIPO courses

Below we highlighted some free of charge courses which can be accessed on the WIPO website.

a.) WIPO recommended courses

  • WIPO DL101E - DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property

This course builds on the concepts presented in DL-001 - Intellectual Property Primer. It provides a more in-depth view of the fundamentals of IP law, and is considered as indispensable to pursue more advanced courses of study on specific areas of IP law.


The DL-101 course is comprised of the following modules and final exam:

  • Guide to Studying the Course
  • Module 1: Introduction to IP
  • Module 2: Copyright
  • Module 3: Related Rights
  • Module 4: Trademarks
  • Module 5: Geographical Indications
  • Module 6: Industrial Design
  • Module 7: Patents
  • Module 8: WIPO Treaties
  • Module 9: Unfair Competition
  • Module 10: Protection of New Varieties of Plants
  • Module 11: Summary and Discussion on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Module 12: IP and Development - The WIPO Development Agenda
  • Final Exam

Self-assessment tools are strategically placed throughout each module to assist participants with gauging their respective levels of knowledge and progress, as well as their ability to apply the concepts and facts presented within the course.

Academic support is provided throughout each module by experienced tutors who are expert practitioners in the field of IP.

Final Exam and Certificate

The final exam for this course is comprised of a series of multiple choice questions. A fixed amount of time is allocated for participants to complete and submit the exam on-line. Participants are contacted regarding modalities for accessing the final exam approximately one week prior to the deadline for completion of the DL-101 course.

Participants who pass the DL-101 final exam are awarded an electronic certificate of course completion.


This course is open to individuals who are/will be employed in the field of administration of intellectual property rights; those seeking general knowledge of IP; and those who generate various forms of IP and seek a deeper understanding of the effective management and protection of IPRs.

  • PCT_101E - DL101PCT Distance Learning Course: Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty

The DL101PCT course provides an introduction and general overview of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), an international system that facilitates the acquisition of patents on a global scale.   The course was developed by WIPO specialists on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), using the pedagogical and distance learning methodology of the WIPO Academy. Self-assessment tools are strategically placed throughout the course to measure your understanding and progress. In addition to the course material, links to specific reference documents are provided, such as legal texts and other official WIPO documents.   The content and methodology of all “General Primer” courses are structured to complement self-directed learning.  As such, participants are able to review course material at their own pace. Curriculum

The DL101PCT course is comprised of fourteen modules:

  • Module 1: What is the PCT?
  • Module 2: Why Use the PCT?
  • Module 3: Preparing the PCT Application
  • Module 4: Filing the PCT Application
  • Module 5: PCT Electronic Services
  • Module 6: Patent Agents and Common Representatives
  • Module 7: International Search Report and Written Opinion of the ISA
  • Module 8: International Publication
  • Module 9: International Preliminary Examination
  • Module 10: Entry into the National Phase
  • Module 11: Special International Phase Procedures
  • Module 12: Procedures for Inventions in the Field of Biotechnology
  • Module 13: Access by Third Parties to the File of a PCT Application
  • Module 14: PCT Outlook

Final Exam and Certificate

This course is entirely self-study. An electronic certificate may be generated upon successful completion of the course quizzes.


This course is open to any individual wishing to obtain a general understanding of the PCT system.

b.) WIPO webinars

A series of free webinars covering a wide range of topics.