For staff

Service work and use of facilities

Information about service work and use of University facilities.

Service work is defined as the provision of analytical, testing or other services for third parties involving any use of University facilities, equipment, IT networks and staff resources.

All such work should be regarded as similar to providing external consultancy services and be regulated as such.

Costings for service work and facilities

Costings for service work must include instrument time, lab fees (where applicable), consumables and an agreed overhead for the School and central University.

School administrators can assist with costs for instrument time and consumables. EI Consultancy staff will assist with costs for personnel working with the samples and the overheads for the School and central University.

Once costs have been agreed, EI Consultancy staff will prepare and sent a contract off to the client. Contracts need to be put in place to ensure all work carried out is covered under the University's insurance policy.

All costs must be comparable with commercial rates used by outside companies. Your School Business Development Executive will be able to assist you with finding these prices

Uses of fee income

Fees generated from undertaking service work can be used to maintain equipment and retain staff working within the lab.

All funds must be placed directly into a School account.

Many facilities around the University can be used for cross-disciplinary purposes.

Income generated from joint projects is split evenly amongst the Schools involved in carrying out the work.