For staff

Advantages of being an expert witness

What are the advantages for academics interested in undertaking expert witness work?

Raises your profile

Undertaking work as an Expert Witness will raise your profile in both academic circles and the commercial environment.

Generates more consultancy work

Academics who are recognised as experts in their field are highly sought after as both consultants and expert witnesses, so this can be seen as a way to generate more consultancy work.

Legal firms and police forces often have a preferred list of experts . Once on a list academics may be asked many times to appear as an expert witness on different cases for the same client.

Higher chargeable fee rates

Consultancy fees for Expert Witness work are charged at a higher rate per day than standard consultancy activities.

However, preparation time is usually charged at the standard consultancy day rate.

Travel and subsistence costs are charged in addition to preparation time and time spent in court.