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VetBioNet - Veterinary Biocontained Facilities Network

VetBioNet – Veterinary Biocontained Facility Network for excellence in animal infectious disease research and experimentation.

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VetBioNet promotes transnational use of biosecure research facilities.

Edinburgh organisations part of Europe-wide consortium

VetBioNet assembles 28 partners from 12 different countries and has received a funding of 10 million euro from the European Commission (through the Horizon 2020 programme; INFRAIA-01-2016-2017 call) for a project period of 5 years (2017-22).

Within Edinburgh, the Moredun Research Institute and the Roslin Institute are both partners in the Consortium.

Three types of integrating activities

The principal aim of the VetBioNet infrastructure project is to establish and maintain a comprehensive network of pre-eminent high-containment (BSL3) research facilities, academic institutes, international organisations and industry partners that is dedicated to advance research on epizootic and zoonotic diseases and to promote technological developments.

Transnational Access Activities (TNA), consisting mainly in providing access to the BSL3 facilities and technical resources of the consortium.  This free-of-charge access is provided to researchers or enterprises proposing a sound project related to epizootic and zoonotic diseases. As part of its Transnational Access Activities, VetBioNet also offers access to sample collections available at partner institutes and produces on-demand samples. The details of TNA activities appear in the “TNA Call” section of the website;

Networking Activities (NA) to foster the cooperation between project partners and to forge cooperative relationships with other European or international research initiatives, industrial stakeholders, international organisations and policy makers;

Joint Research Activities (JRA) to improve the scientific and technological standards of services provided by the consortium.

Funding for Transnational access

VetBioNet will offer access to the BSL3 facilities and technical resources of the consortium as part of its Transnational Access (TNA) Activities. 

This free-of-charge access to animal studies, laboratory capacities or biological samples will be provided to researchers or enterprises proposing a sound project related to epizootic and zoonotic diseases. 

Academic and non-academic research groups, SMEs and industries can apply, but only to service infrastructures outside their own country:

an applicant from an organization based in the EU cannot choose a hosting institution located in the same country of his/her organization to conduct a TNA project;

an applicant from an organization not based in the EU can equally apply to the present TNA call, by choosing a hosting institution not located in the same country of his/her organization.

The call for applications will remain open until March 2022, or until all project-funded services have been used.

Applications can be submitted at any time through an online application form on the VetBioNet wesbite, and will be processed within a pre-defined time schedule of approximately 6 weeks.

VetBioNet website

Informal enquiries

Please send informal enquires to Prof Gary Entrican at the Moredun Research Institute (gary.entrican@moredun.ac.uk).