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Edinburgh Virology Group

The Edinburgh Virology Group organises a year-round seminar series held at the Roslin Institute which is focussed on virus research.

Edinburgh Virology Group Winter Semester Seminars 2018

Seminars to be held at 3.30 pm in the Roslin Institute basement or ground floor seminar rooms.

Title: The structure of the influenza A virus genome

When:  Thursday 25 January 2018      

Speaker:  Bernadetta Dadonaite, University of Oxford               

Host: Seema Jasim

Title:  A Tale of Two Proteins: HCV NS5A and Chikungunya nsP3

When:  Thursday 8 February 2018

Speaker:  Mark Harris, University of Leeds

Host:  Finn Grey

Title:  Re-wiring the posttranscriptional networks of the host cell 

When:  Thursday 22 February 2018        

Speaker:  Alfredo Castello, University of Oxford

Host: Elly Gaunt

Title:  Respiratory Syncytial Virus            

When:  Thursday 8 March 2018  

Speaker:  Rachel Reeves, University of Edinburgh

Host: Jack Ferguson

Title:  Delivering the Payload: From Viruses to Gene Therapy

When:  Thursday 22 March 2018  - please note that this seminar has been CANCELLED   

Speaker:  David Brighty, Synpromics

Host: Paul Digard

Title:  TBC 

When:  Thursday 5 April 2018    

Speaker:  Andrew McDonald, University of Leeds

Host: Abraham Lee

Title:  How defects in the ubiquitin system cause disease

When:  Thursday 19 April 2018

Speaker:  Thimo Kurz, University of Glasgow

Host: Christine Burkard


Please note that attendance is compulsory for postgraduate virology students

Contact: Finn Grey (finn.grey@roslin.ed.ac.uk, 0131 651 9241)