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Edinburgh Immunology Group

The Edinburgh Immunology Group (EIG) exists to act as a focal point for immunology in the Edinburgh area.

The Edinburgh Immunology Group (EIG) is a regional group of the British Society for Immunology comprising researchers from the University of Edinburgh at King’s Buildings, Little France and the Roslin Institute; the Moredun Research Institute and Edinburgh Napier University.

British Society for Immunology


The main activities of the EIG are its fortnightly series of invited immunology speakers from UK, Europe and occasionally further afield, attended by around 100 Edinburgh based scientists, ranging from students to PIs and everything in between.

Information about upcoming EIG talks can be found on the British Society for Immunology website. 

The EIG also runs an annual immunology symposium, which comprises short talks from local talent alongside longer seminars from invited PIs.

We strongly encourage Edinburgh scientists with an interest in immunology to attend both the seminar series and symposium, and suggestions for potential external speakers are very welcome.

Chair:  Calum Bain (Centre for Inflammation Research; cbain2@exseed.ed.ac.uk)

Secretary:  Carlo Minutti (Institute of Immunology and Infection Research; cmuozm@staffmail.ed.ac.uk)

The list of 2017 / 2018 EIG talks

Please download the list of talks for the 2017/18 programme below.