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Edinburgh Disease Transmission workshop – Programme

Running order for workshop held on Thursday 29 April 2021.


09:30           Introduction: Keith Matthews, School of Biological Sciences

Transmission:  Modelling and mathematical biology

09.40  Mark Woolhouse, Usher InstituteThe epidemiology and evolution of pandemic potential

10.00  Áine O'Toole, School of Biological SciencesTracking the international spread of SARS-CoV-2 lineages of concern 

10:20  Graeme Ackland, School of Physics and AstronomyThe use of data to understand the coronavirus epidemic


Transmission: Parasite strategies for spread

11.00  Sarah Reece, School of Biological SciencesThe private life of parasites: Sophisticated strategies for survival & reproduction

11.20  Phil Spence, School of Biological SciencesA single infection is sufficient to establish long-lived mechanisms of disease tolerance in human malaria

11.40  Keith Matthews, School of Biological SciencesThe interplay between trypanosome virulence, transmission and co-infection

12.00  Nisha Philip, School of Biological SciencesHow do signalling pathways regulate life-cycle transitions in the malaria parasite ?


Transmission: Multi-host transmission and zoonoses

13.40  Rowland Kao, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary StudiesModelling of multi-host pathogens. from methods to impact

14.00  Bryan Wee, Usher InstituteDoes urban livestock-keeping play a role in bacterial transmission?

14.20  Amy Pedersen, School of Biological SciencesCross-species transmission is rare in a multi-host, multi-vector, multi-pathogen community


Transmission: Populations and policy

15.10  Samantha Lycett, Roslin InstituteRevealing viral transmission patterns in evolving situations using phylodynamics 

15.30  Pedro Vale, School of Biological SciencesLinking individual host heterogeneity to population disease dynamics

15.50  Helen Stagg, Usher InstituteFrom biology to policy and back again

16.10 General discussion