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Many congratulations to our new professors in infectious diseases!

The College of Medicine and Veterninary Medicine has recently announced the appointment of several new chairs in infectious disease research.

New professors in CMVM
L to R: Dean Everett, Lonneke Vervelde and Alison Wilson

We are delighted that three members of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases were recently appointed to personal chairs.

Dean Everett

Personal Chair of Molecular Microbiology and Global Health, MRC Centre for Inflammation Research

Dean has recently joined the University of Edinburgh.  He is based full time at the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme, one of 5 Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes.  His research in the Pathogen Biology Research Group aims to define how a pathogen interacts with its environment, ie its niche neighbours, its host or its discrete population, whether in country, across a region, continent and globally.

Dean Everett's website

Lonneke Vervelde

Personal Chair of Veterinary Immunology and Infectious Diseases, The Roslin Institute

Lonneke is an avian immunologist investigating basic immunological questions as well as more applied questions related to poultry health. Her basic research focuses on defining the phenotype, function and development of antigen presenting cells, the phenotype and function of naïve, effector and memory T cells, and innate mechanisms that drive adaptive responses.

Lonneke Vervelde's website

Andrea Wilson

Personal Chair of Infectious Diseases, Genetics and Modelling, The Roslin Institute

Research in the Doeschl-Wilson group focuses on the development of mathematical models and computational tools that enhance our understanding how the genetics of individuals and diverse non-genetic factors together influence the dynamics of infectious diseases and their impact on the health and performance of individuals and of entire livestock populations.

Andrea Wilson's website