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Edinburgh researchers AMR funding success with SULSA

Rosalind Allen, Till Bachmann and Andrew Free are among Edinburgh awardees of seed-funding for collaborative projects addressing antimicrobial resistance.

EIS device
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy diagnostic device developed by the Bachmann lab.

SULSA funding

To follow on from their sucessful AMR conference held in April 2018, the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA) have now providing seed-funding for several collaborative projects that address the challenges surrounding antimicrobial resistance. 

The aim of this new funding is to enable researchers to gather preliminary data and develop proposals with the aim of attracting further funding from external sources.

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases researchers have been particularly successful in obtaining these funds for projects, including Rosalind Allen and Nicholas Bommer for "Catheter-associated urinary tract infections: linking AMR to biofilm formation", and Till Bachmann and Holger Schulze for "Electrochemical biosensor for the detection of bacterial quorum sensing compounds in respiratory diseases".

Many congratulations to all!

Awarded Projects

Prof. Rosalind Allen (Edinburgh), Prof. Gail McConnell (Strathclyde) and Nicholas Bommer (Edinburgh): Catheter-associated urinary tract infections: linking AMR to biofilm formation.

Dr Till Bachmann (Edinburgh), Prof. Andrew Porter (Aberdeen), Dr Soumya Soman Palliyil (Aberdeen) and Dr Holger Schulze (Edinburgh): Electrochemical biosensor for the detection of bacterial quorum sensing compounds in respiratory diseases.

Dr Katherine Duncan (Strathclyde), Dr Eulyn Pagaling (James Hutton Institute), Prof. Tim Daniell (James Hutton Institute), Prof. Rosalind Allen (Edinburgh) and Dr Simon Titmuss (Edinburgh): Microbial microfluidic drug discovery – 21st Century innovation to accelerate the Fleming antibiotic discovery pipeline.

Dr Charles Knapp (Strathclyde), Dr Fiona Henriques (University of the West of Scotland), Prof. Rosalind Allen (Edinburgh), Dr Andrew Free (Edinburgh), Dr Eulyn Pagaling (James Hutton Institute), Dr Lisa Avery (James Hutton Institute) and Dr Richard Allan (James Hutton Institute): The effect of drinking water treatment on antimicrobial resistance.

Dr Stephen Fox (Glasgow), Dr Cosmika Goswami (Glasgow) and Dr Kerry Pettigrew (St Andrews): Genome Sequencing of Carbapenemase- Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) from Scottish Hospitals for AMR genes and their mobile elements.

Dr Gillian Halket (Strathclyde) and Prof. Carol Munro (Aberdeen): Antifungal potential of compounds produced by thermophilic Actinobacteria from compost, upon strains of azole resistant Aspergillus fumigatus.

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