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Applications now open for 2018 Moredun Foundation Award Scheme

The Moredun Foundation Award Scheme offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals to pursue a short term project to broaden their education and experience in areas relating to livestock health and welfare and the agricultural industry.

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The Moredun Foundation is a registered charity, with over 10,000 UK members from the farming, veterinary and associated industries.  The Foundation works to support animal health and welfare by improving the understanding, treatment and prevention of diseases through research and educational initiatives.

The research outputs, knowledge and expertise generated at Moredun are disseminated as widely as possible to bring maximum benefits to the economy and society at large.

As part of its charitable activities, the Moredun Foundation (TMF) has established an award scheme to provide an opportunity for individuals in the UK to pursue a short term project to broaden their education and experience in areas relating to livestock health and welfare and the agricultural industry. 

The TMF Award scheme is open to a wide variety of project proposals with £2,000 available per award.

Projects are open to individuals over the age of 18 living in the UK and may involve work experience, travel, or collaborations with science or the arts.

More information for applicants

Closing date for applications to TMF Award Scheme 2018  is Wednesday 16 May 2018

Visit the Moredun website 

Contact the Moredun Communications Team - Tel: 0131 445 5111; Email: info@moredun.org.uk

It is hoped that this award scheme will encourage innovative and diverse projects, help support personal development, and contribute to Moredun’s mission to improve the health and welfare of livestock. 

Ian Duncan Millar, Chairman of The Moredun Foundation, is delighted to announce the launch of the next round of funding.  He commented,

We have been delighted by the quality of projects that this scheme has supported over the past six years. It is a great way for those interested in livestock health and welfare to pursue a short term project and further develop their own knowledge and skills within the industry. We are looking forward to supporting a new round of projects and individuals, helping to broaden their horizons, while adding useful knowledge to the promotion of livestock health and welfare.”

Professor Lee Innes, Moredun’s Director of Communications, added,

Moredun acknowledges the value of education, experience and travel to improve understanding of the farming and livestock industries and provide individuals with the opportunity to further their experiences and personal development. We are very excited about the next round of funding and look forward to enabling innovative individuals to develop their own project ideas.”