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Reimagining AMR: Borders, Boundaries and Beyond the Human

The colloquium will take place at the ECCI in Edinburgh with the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology and in collaboration with  Edinburgh Infectious Diseases and the Atelier Network.

This is the second colloqium of the Beyond Resistance Network, which seeks to bringing together researchers and artists to address the ongoing challenges raised by antimicrobial resistance.

Provocation:  Reimagining AMR: Borders, Boundaries and Beyond the Human

It has been said that good fences make good neighbours. But what happens when neighbours are intertwined so closely with us that they constitute our very body.

In the ‘post-antibiotic era’ how can we locate, create and understand bodily boundaries, navigate borders at micro and macro level and incorporate non-humans to live microbially entangled lives?

Work on microbiomes, global public health, historical narratives, climate change, One Health, immigration, alternative antibiotic therapies, economics and diagnostics amongst a host of others all attempt to answer these questions.

We invite voices from and between these perspectives - especially those which are often missing from mainstream discourse. What are the assumptions, agendas and asymmetries involved in this work and how can a critical multidisciplinary approach work to dissolve, create and enable new kinds of fences for a post antibiotic world?


13:00 - Soft opening. refreshments and networking.

13:30 - Welcome and introduction.

13:40 - Lightning talks reacting to the provocation.

14:15 - Break into smaller discussion groups.

15:00 - Feed back to main room.

15:30 - Group discussion.

16:45 - Summary of the day. Overview of key themes/threads from the session and expected outputs.

17:00 - Closing remarks and thanks. Invitation to join for a reception.

Beyond Resistance Network

Promote the value of the social sciences and arts in investigating issues related to AMR.

Facilitate and nurture strong links and communication between disciplines, institutions, researches and communities.

Explore creative ways of reimagining our relationships with microbes.

Provide a catalyst for collaboration opportunities.


Jan 10 2020 -

Reimagining AMR: Borders, Boundaries and Beyond the Human

Registration is now open for the 2nd second colloquium of the Beyond Resistance Network - closing date is 21 December 2019.

TBC - Violet Laidlaw Room
Chrystal Macmillan Building
15a George Square
University of Edinburgh