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Organisation of the Leiden summer school

The summer school builds on existing collaborations between the Universities of Leiden and Edinburgh, and brings together mutual strengths in antimicrobial resistance, one health and vaccine development.

Building on partnership between Edinburgh and Leiden

The LUMC Summer School will build on a successful research programs within the Edinburgh Infectious Diseases network and aims to strengthen collaborative links with the University of Edinburgh.

Professors David Dockrell, Ross Fitzgerald and Mark Stevens (University of Edinburgh) are contributing to the design and execution of the LUMC Summer School and a number of their staff members will also teach in the LUMC Summer School.

It is the intention of the LUMC summer school to combine elements from courses on immune modulation, antimicrobial resistance, biodiversity and One Health, and vaccine development that utilize the strengths of Leiden and Edinburgh.

Specifically, in addition to experts within the LUMC Center of Infectious Disease, the course will have speakers from the Leiden Bioscience Park, in particular the vaccine company Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), as well as from the Dutch collaborative NCOH initiative on One Health, and a variety of other companies and institutes in the Netherlands and UK.

Summer school organising committee

Leiden University Medical Centre - Center of Infectious Diseases

Prof dr. Ron Hokke – c.h.hokke@lumc.nl

Dr. Marjolein Kikkert – m.kikkert@lumc.nl

Prof dr. Ed Kuijper – e.j.kuijper@lumc.nl

Dr. Hermelijn Smits – h.h.smits@lumc.nl

Prof dr. Tom Ottenhoff – t.h.m.ottenhoff@lumc.nl

Prof dr. Leo Visser – l.g.visser@lumc.nl

University of Edinburgh - Infectious Diseases Programme

Prof. David Dockrell - david.Dockrell@ed.ac.uk

Prof. Ross Fitzgerald - ross.fitzgerald@roslin.ed.ac.uk

Prof. Mark Stevens - msteven3@exseed.ed.ac.uk