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Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Early Career Researcher Symposium

After the success of the lightening talk session at our Annual Symposium in June, we are going to be hosting an online event specifically for Early Career Researchers on Thursday 28 October.

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We have an amazing schedule of speakers lined up for the symposium - they are all going to be presenting their work for just 3 minutes using 1 slide, so hold onto your hats!





1405 Ross Fitzgerald Director Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Welcome and Introduction

Session 1:  Chaired by Brian McHugh, Centre for Inflammation Research

1410 Elizabeth Walker Usher Institute Non-adherence to therapy in chronic conditions using tuberculosis as a model disease
1415 Shannon Massey The Roslin Institute Analysing the Impact of Sexual Recombination on the Segregation of Virulence Genes in Trypanosoma brucei
1420 Joana Alves The Roslin Institute Staphylococcus aureus infection of human macrophages selects for a novel pathogenic variant with unstable colony phenotype
1425 Martin Vandeputte Infection Medicine Hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae specifically destroy tight junctions of gut and liver cells
1430 Duygu Madenci The Roslin Institute Genetic selection of cattle for reduced bovine Tuberculosis transmission
1435 Alexandra Florea The Roslin Institute Genome editing for resistance to white spot syndrome virus in whiteleg shrimp
1440 Grace Taylor-Joyce The Roslin Institute Transcriptomic dissection of the evolutionary adaptation of S. aureus to the dairy niche
1445 Marc Nicolas Faber Moredun Research Institute Exploring ruminant abomasal organoids to study parasitic nematode infections
1450 Clark Russell Centre for Inflammation Research Pathogen adaptation identifies macrophage targets for host-directed therapies

Session 2:  Chaired by Federico Rojas, Institute of Immunology and Infection Research

1500 Carys Redman-White Global Acad. Agriculture and Food Security AMR at the human-animal interface: filling in knowledge gaps where surveillance is scarce
1505 Ambre Chapuis Moredun Research Institute and Roslin Institute Development of bovine and ovine “apical-out” gut organoid models for the study of pathogen versus host interactions in Johne’s Disease
1510 Aphaluck Bhatiasevi School of Social and Political Science Changing climate and the shifting burden of infectious diseases: Towards an anthropology of melioidosis
1515 Guy Oldrieve Inst. Immunology & Infection Research Developmental competence in selected and naturally occurring African trypanosome isolates
1520 Anthony Wood The Roslin Institute Coupling effects of influenza and COVID in a hypothetical joint wave
1525 Jamie Gorzynski The Roslin Institute Genomic epidemiological analysis of Legionnaires’ Disease in Scotland uncovers long-term endemic Legionella pneumophila clones of public health importance
1530 Brian McHugh Centre for Inflammation Research Regulators of mitochondrial dynamics identified in a CRISPR screen of macrophage microbicidal mechanisms
1535 Emma Pujol Hodge Institute of Evolutionary Biology SEARCHing for answers: detection of inferred HIV-1 transmission clusters within a universal test-and-treat trial in East Africa
1540 Kate Sutton The Roslin Institute Differential responses of epithelial and immune cells during Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium infection of chicken 3D and 2D enteroids
1545 Fiona Sargison The Roslin Institute Genome-scale identification of Staphylococcus aureus determinants of avian disease pathogenesis
1550 Mabel Deladem Tettey Inst. Immunology & Infection Research Analysis of released peptidases and their role in the transmission biology of African trypanosomes

Session 3:  Chaired by Natalie Ring, Roslin Institute

1600 Nelly Mak Infection Medicine Do antiviral IFITMs contribute to species-specific zoonotic barriers?
1605 Cassandra McGregor Moredun Research Institute Potential risk of roundworm transmission in the transportation of livestock
1610 Leonardos Mageiros The Roslin Institute Evolution and adaptation of avian Staphylococcus aureus
1615 Lynsey Melville Moredun Research Institute Working towards sustainable farming by developing tools to understand the development of drug resistance and epidemiological change in gastrointestinal nematodes
1620 Willow Fox The Roslin Institute Genome-scale analysis of the pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus bovine mastitis
1625 Becca Belmonte Inst. Immunology & Infection Research Sex differences in Drosophila melanogaster hemocyte innate immunity
1630 Priscilla Chin Inst. Immunology & Infection Research Activation of the IFN pathway by endogenous RNA ligands
1635 Mary-Kate Corbally Inst. Immunology & Infection Research Exploring the Interplay of Sex, Immunity and Ageing
1640 Pujitha Raja Infection Medicine Spf regulates beta-lactam susceptibility in in K. pneumoniae 
1645 Beth Thompson The Roslin Institute Host interspecies variation in CpG mediated attenuation of Influenza AS
1650 Siti Sarah Yusoff Infection Medicine The role of CEACAMs in HSV1 viral entry
1655 Samantha Sives The Roslin Institute Investigating differential expression in avian respiratory innate immune responses to respiratory viruses: linking genotype to phenotype


Oct 28 2021 -

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Early Career Researcher Symposium

Registration now open for the Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Early Career Researcher symposium on 28 October.