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Beyond Resistance: AMR in the Arts and Social Sciences

BEYOND RESISTANCE is an interdisciplinary network spanning the arts, sciences and social sciences to investigate, explore and find solutions to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

BEYOND RESISTANCE brings together people who are asking the same questions in different ways.

It is the brain-child of Iona Walker and Ian Harper in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh, working with colleagues in Edinburgh Infectious Diseases and the Atelier network.

By sharing knowledge, building relationships and working collaboratively, the BEYOND RESISTANCE Network hopes to inspire creative solutions to AMR.

Launch of Beyond Resistance

The network was launched with a workshop at the ASCUS Labs in Summerhall in August 2018, and has now secured funding through the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology and Atelier Network to continue its activities into the new 2018/19 academic year. 

Read the report on the workshop


Workshop:  Tiny Non-Humans - Meet the Microbes that Shape our World

Beyond Resistance hosted two workshops  to discuss antimicrobial resistance as part of the Festival of Creative Learning at Edinburgh University in February 2019.

Read more about the workshops here

Colloquium:  Re-imagining AMR - Beyond the Military Metaphor

On Thursday 10 January 2019 Beyond Resistance hosted a half day colloquium Re-imagining AMR - Beyond the Military Metaphor.

The colloquium explored how we frame our understanding of human-microbe relations, examining the question from different perspectives, including social sciences, the arts, microbiology, veterinary science, ecology, economics, and philosophy. 

Crucially, participants were asked if this relationship can be re-imagined, and what role language could play in this reframing.

For more details please visit the colloquium website


In the interests of working effectively and to the benefit of everyone involved, the network welcomes and encourage comments, questions or suggestions for future activities.  Please send your suggestions to Iona Walker.

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