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How we are organised

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases is made up of members from all three colleges of the University of Edinburgh and from associated centres in other research and clinical institutions.

Members of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases come from across the spectrum of infectious disease research, from social science to basic and clinical science for human and animals.
While most Edinburgh Infectious Diseases members are based at one of the three larger sites (King's Buildings, Little France and the Roslin Institute), significant numbers are located at other centres including the Western General Hospital, Teviot Place and associated organisations such as the Moredun Institute, and Edinburgh Napier and Heriot Watt Universities. 
Edinburgh Infectious Diseases is run by the Academic Director, Prof Ross Fitzgerald, Chair of Molecular Bacteriology at the Roslin Institute, supported by the Executive Committee drawn from across the University and associated institutes. 
The Director is further supported by the Development Manager, Postgraduate Taught and Projects Officer. the Fleming Fund Fellowship Officer and the Communications and Engagement Officer.
The Edinburgh Infectious Diseases office is at the Ashworth Laboratories, King's Buildings, Charlotte Auerbach Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FL. 

Director of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases

Prof Ross Fitzgerald

The Roslin Institute, 0131 651 9235

Email Ross Fitzgerald

Development Manager

Hilary Snaith

Ashworth Labs, Kings Buildings, 0131 651 3688

Email Hilary Snaith

Postgraduate Taught and Projects Officer

Jennifer Hurst

Ashworth Labs, Kings Buildings, 0131 651 3685

Email Jennifer Hurst

Fleming Fund Projects Officer

Romana Gorjanc

Roslin Institute, Easter Bush

Email Romana

Communications and Engagement Officer

Lisa Backwell

Ashworth Labs, Kings buildings

Email Lisa

EID admin team 2022
L to R: Hilary Snaith, Jennifer Hurst, Romana Gorjanc and Lisa Backwell.

Executive Committee

Dr Katie Atkins - Usher Institute

Prof Till Bachmann - Infection Medicine, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Prof Lisa Boden - Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security, The Roslin Institute, Easter Bush

Prof David Dockrell - Centre for Inflammation Research, Edinburgh Bioquarter

Dr Lukas Engelmann - Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, George Square

Dr Elly Gaunt - The Roslin Institute

Prof Liz Grant - Usher Institute

Prof Ross Fitzgerald - The Roslin Institute, Easter Bush

Prof Keith Matthews - Centre for Immunity Infection and Evolution, Kings Buildings

Dr Tom McNeilly - Moredun Research Institute

Dr Amy Pedersen - School of Biological Sciences

Jonathan Rans - Research Support Office, University of Edinburgh

Dr Hilary Snaith - Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, Kings Buildings

Dr Kate Templeton - Division of Laboratory Medicine, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Prof Mark Woolhouse - Usher Institute for Population Health Sciences and Informatics

Strategic Board 

Prof David Argyle - Dean of Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh

Prof Jamie Cross - Director of the Edinburgh Earth Initiative

Prof Julie Fitzpatrick - Scientific Director of the Moredun Research Institute and Chief Executive of the Moredun Foundation

Prof Stuart Forbes - Dean of Research, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Prof Thorunn Helgason - Head of School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Prof John Devaney - Head of School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

Prof Iain Gordon- Head of the College of Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Dr Emma Cunningham - Director of the Centre for Adapting to Changing Environments

Prof Christina Boswell - Vice Principal Planning, Resources and Research Policy, and Professor of Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Prof Mike Shipston - Head of School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Prof Geoff Simm - Director of the Global Academy for Agriculture and Food Security, University of Edinburgh

Prof James Smith - Vice Principal International, University of Edinburgh

Further information

For further information please email Edinburgh Infectious Diseases

Email Edinburgh Infectious Diseases