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Alphabetical list of members

An alphabetical list of members of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, with a summary of their research interests and contact details.

Rosalind J Allen Biological & soft condensed matter physics School of Physics & Astronomy rosalind.allen@ed.ac.uk
Steve Anderton Autoimmunity & immune regulation MRC Centre for Inflammation Research Steve.Anderton@ed.ac.uk
Katie Atkins Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases Centre for Global Health Usher Institute & London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Katherine.Atkins@ed.ac.uk
Manfred Auer Translational Biology Centre for Translational & Chemical Biology, CSBE, & Division of Pathway Medicine Manfred.Auer@ed.ac.uk
Till Bachmann Pathogen detection technologies Infection Medicine till.bachmann@ed.ac.uk
Kenny Baillie The genetics of host susceptibility to severe infection Roslin Institute
Keith Ballingall Immunogenetics, MHC function & diversity in livestock Moredun Research Institute keith.ballingall@moredun.ac.uk
Paul Barlow The complement system & the immune response School of Chemistry paul.barlow@ed.ac.uk
Peter Barlow Host defence peptides in viral respiratory infection Edinburgh Napier University p.barlow@napier.ac.uk
Pip Beard Poxviruses modulation & pathogenesis Roslin Institute / R(D)SVS pip.beard@ed.ac.uk
Cecile Benezech Immune cells & the control of metabolism in adipose tissue MRC Centre for Cardiovascular Science cbenezec@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Clare Blackburn Developmental immunology & Leishmania School of Biological Sciences c.blackburn@ed.ac.uk
Garry Blakely Anaerobic bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract School of Biological Sciences Garry.Blakely@ed.ac.uk
Lisa Boden Contingency planning for animal disease outbreaks, food security & animal & public health law Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security lisa.boden@ed.ac.uk
Debby Bogaert Physiology & pathophysiology of respiratory infections & inflammation. MRC Centre for Inflammation Research
Mark Bradley

Polymer microarrays

School of Chemistry mark.bradley@ed.ac.uk
Janice Bramham Structural biology & complement School of Biological Sciences jbramham@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Helen Bridle Novel Materials for Sample Processing Heriot Watt University h.l.bridle@hw.ac.uk
Mark Bronsvoort Epidemiology of animal infections Roslin Institute mark.bronsvoort@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Aidan Brown Physics of bacterial motility, adhesion, growth, and interaction with bacteriophages School of Physics and Astronomy abrown20@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Amy Buck Small RNAs in viral infection & host response School of Biological Sciences a.buck@ed.ac.uk
Christine Campbell Primary care in cancer, inc. HPV vaccination & cervical cancer screening Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics christine.campbell@ed.ac.uk
Harry Campbell Genetic epidemiology & child health Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics harry.campbell@ed.ac.uk
Dominic Campopiano Enzymology, innate immunity & antibotics School of Chemistry dominic.campopiano@ed.ac.uk
David Cavanagh Malaria immunobiology and vaccines School of Biological Sciences david.cavanagh@ed.ac.uk
Sarah Chan Bioethics of One Health Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics sarah.chan@ed.ac.uk
Francesca Chianini Infectious disease of livestock Moredun Research Institute francesca.chianini@moredun.ac.uk
Nick Colegrave Experimental evolution of microbes School of Biological Sciences N.Colegrave@ed.ac.uk
Sinead Collins Experimental evolution of microbes School of Biological Sciences s.collins@ed.ac.uk
Tim Connelley Improving productivty of tropical livestock Roslin Institute timothy.connelley@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Alex Corbishley Vaccine performance & development in ruminants Roslin Institute / R(D)SVS alexander.corbishley@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Chris Cousens Viral pathogenesis & respiratory infection Moredun Research Institute chris.cousens@moredun.ac.uk
Heather Cubie Papillomavirology & molecular diagnostics Scottish HPV Investigators Network heather.cubie@ed.ac.uk
Kate Cuschieri Research to develop biomarkers for the improved risk-stratification of HPV infection Scottish HPV Investigators Network kate.cuschieri@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Emma Cunningham Maternal effects in host-pathogen interactions School of Biological Sciences e.cunningham@ed.ac.uk
Bob Dalziel Herpes & influenza visuses Roslin Institute Bob.Dalziel@ed.ac.uk
Donald Davidson Host defence peptides in infection/inflammation MRC Centre for Inflammation Research Donald.Davidson@ed.ac.uk
Susan Dewar Pathogenicity determinants of Acrobacter species Heriot Watt University s.j.dewar@hw.ac.uk
Kev Dhaliwal Tuberculosis & pulmonary infection MRC Centre for Inflammation Research Kev.Dhaliwal@ed.ac.uk
Paul Digard Influenza virus replication & pathogenesis Roslin Institute paul.digard@roslin.ed.ac.uk
David Dockrell Immune Modulation and Regulation of Inflammation MRC Centre for Inflammation Research
Julia Dorin Innate immunity & role of host defence peptides MRC Centre for Inflammation Research Julia.Dorin@ed.ac.uk
Bernadette Dutia Herpes & influenza viruses Roslin Institute B.M.Dutia@ed.ac.uk
Meriem El Karoui Role of DNA maintenance process on bacterial growth & evolution School of Biological Sciences Meriem.Elkaroui@ed.ac.uk
Lukas Engelmann Digital Epidemiology School of Social & Political Science lukas.engelmann@ed.ac.uk
Gary Entrican Former Member    
Tonks Fawcett Sepsis, Infection control & behaviour School of Health in Social Science t.fawcett@ed.ac.uk
Imali Fernando Sexually transmitted infections & HIV in pregnancy NHS Lothian Chalmers Sexual Health Centre imali.fernando@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Linda Fibiger Conflict archaeology, interpersonal violence and cranial trauma School of History, Classics and Archaeology Linda.Fibiger@ed.ac.uk
Emily Gwyer Findlay Influence of neutrophils on the development of adaptive immunity during infectious & inflammatory disease MRC Centre for Inflammation Research emily.findlay@ed.ac.uk
Ross Fitzgerald Evolution & pathogenesis of Staphylococci Roslin Institute Ross.Fitzgerald@ed.ac.uk
Andrew Free Microbial communities and their appplications in biotechnology and medicine School of Biological Sciences Andrew.Free@ed.ac.uk
Tom Freeman Machrophage systems biology & microarrays Roslin Institute tom.freeman@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Maurice Gallagher Bacterial pathogens and microbial technology School of Biological Sciences MP.Gallagher@ed.ac.uk
David Gally Bacterial zoonotic diseases Roslin Institute dgally@ed.ac.uk
Peter Ghazal Viral and immune genomics Affiliated member at University of Cardiff  
Linda Gilmore Drug discovery against trypanosomatid parasites School of Biological Sciences linda.gilmore@ed.ac.uk
Simon Girling Wild animal disease and health screening Royal Zoological Society Scotland sgirling@rzss.org.uk
Liz Glass Veterinary immunogenetics and genomics Roslin Institute liz.glass@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Wilfred Goldmann Molecular genetics of prion disease (Retired) Roslin Institute  
Sander Granneman Role of non-coding RNAs and RNA-binding proteins in controlling rapid adaptive responses in pathogenic bacteria Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology sgrannem@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Liz Grant Palliative care & International health systems strengthening Global Health Academy
David Gray Fundamental immunology School of Biological Sciences d.gray@ed.ac.uk
Mohini Gray Resolution of inflammation MRC Centre for Inflammation Research mohini.gray@ed.ac.uk
Nicola Gray Tranaslational control by viruses MRC Centre for Reproductive Health Nicola.Gray@ed.ac.uk
Finn Grey Viral micro-RNA function Roslin Institute finn.grey@roslin.ed.ac.uk
David Griffiths Pathogenesis of respiratory viruses of livestock Moredun Research Institute david.griffiths@moredun.ac.uk
Jürgen Haas Herpesviruses, systems virology Infection Medicine juergen.haas@ed.ac.uk
Ian Harper Global health policy School of Social and Political Science ian.harper@ed.ac.uk
Adam Hill Respiratory infections in humans, esp. bronchiectasis MRC Centre for Inflammation Research adam.hill@ed.ac.uk
Aisha Holloway Public health & alcohol related harm School of Health in Social Science aisha.holloway@ed.ac.uk
Jayne Hope Anti-mycobacterial immunity Roslin Institute jayne.hope@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Andrew Horne Chlamydial infection in the aetiology of eptopic pregnancy MRC Centre for Reproductive Health andrew.horne@ed.ac.uk
Jos Houdijk Nutrition and immunity to parasites Scotlands Rural College Jos.Houdijk@sruc.ac.uk
Ross Houston Understanding the genetic basis of disease resistance in farmed fish species. Roslin Institute ross.houston@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Mike Hutchings Disease systems Scotlands Rural College mike.hutchings@sruc.ac.uk
Elisabeth Innes Protozoal parasites and animal health Moredun Research Institute lee.innes@moredun.ac.uk
Donald Inverarity Invasive pneumococcal diseases Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Donald.Inverarity@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Steve Jenkins Inflammation and macrophage diversity MRC Centre for Inflammation Research Stephen.Jenkins@ed.ac.uk
Ingólfur Johannessen Epstein-Barr virus & B-cells Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh I.Johannessen@ed.ac.uk
Pete Kingsley Trypanosomiasis control intervention in Africa Centre of African Studies
Oliver Koch Clinical management of infection; tropical & travel medicine Western General Hospital oliver.koch@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Rowland Kao Epidemiology of animal disease oubreaks Roslin Institute rowland.kao@ed.ac.uk
Ian Laurenson Mycobacterial infections & solid organ transplant patients with infection Infection Medicine Ian.Laurenson@luht.scot.nhs.uk
Clifford Leen Clinical presentation and therapy of HIV and HCV Western General Hospital clifford.leen@ed.ac.uk
Andrew Leigh-Brown Molecular evolution of HIV School of Biological Sciences A.Leigh-Brown@ed.ac.uk
Tom Little Evolutionary biology of host-parasite interactions School of Biological Sciences Tom.Little@ed.ac.uk
Gary Loake Plant innate immunity School of Biological Sciences g.loake@ed.ac.uk
Samantha Lycett Pathogen Phylodynamics - evolution and epidemiology of viruses and bacteria Roslin Institute samanatha.lycett@ed.ac.uk
Nicola Lynskey Understanding gene regulation in pathogenic streptococci Roslin Institute nicola.lynskey@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Neil Mabbott Immunopathogenesis of prion disease Roslin Institute neil.mabbott@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Jean Manson Protein misfolding diseases, including dementias & prion diseases Centre for dementia prevention  
Rebecca Marsland Ethnography of malaria and HIV/AIDS School of Social and Political Science R.Marsland@ed.ac.uk
Jacqui Matthews Chief Technology Officer Roslin Technologies  
Keith Matthews Trypanosome biology & development School of Biological Sciences keith.matthews@ed.ac.uk
Ian Maudlin Emeritus Professor    
Tom McNeilly Ruminant helminth and bacterial infections Moredun Research Institute tom.mcneilly@moredun.ac.uk
Henry McSorley Immune system supression by parasitic worms MRC Centre for Inflammation Research Henry.McSorley@ed.ac.uk
Paul Michels Metabolism of trypanosomatid parasites and drug discovery School of Biological Sciences paul.michels@ed.ac.uk
Davide Michieletto Role of DNA topology enzymes in chromatin organisation School of Physics and Astronomy davide.michieletto@ed.ac.uk
Olga Monacayo The dynamics of bacterial colonisation in humans & in the recognition of the early processes that precede the development of invasive infection Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh omoncayo@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Donald Morrison Epidemiology of antibiotic resistant hospital pathogens in the non-clinical environment Edinburgh Napier University d.morrison2@napier.ac.uk
Liam Morrison Disease progression in trypanosome infections Roslin Institute Liam.Morrison@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Ivan Morrison Theileria genetics & immunology Roslin Institute ivan.morrison@ed.ac.uk
Francisca Mutapi Immune responses in schistosomiasis School of Biological Sciences f.mutapi@ed.ac.uk
Harish Nair Childhood pneumonia and viral respiratory infections Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics harish.nair@ed.ac.uk
Tony Nash Retired Professor in Influenza Biology    
Alasdair Nisbet Vaccines against nematode parasites Moredun Research Institute alasdair.nisbet@moredun.ac.uk
Dan Nussey Immune variation in wild populations School of Biological Sciences dan.nussey@ed.ac.uk
Dáire O'Shea Immunopathogenesis and immune determinants of infection outcomes Western General Hospital  
Darren Obbard Drosphila viruses and antiviral defences School of Biological Sciences darren.obbard@ed.ac.uk
Karl Oparka Retired Professor in Plant viruses    
Tanja Opriessnig Infectious disease in pigs: diagnostics, pathogenesis, prevention and control Roslin Institute Tanja.Opriessnig@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Gavin Paterson Molecular and Applied Microbiology Roslin Institute gavin.paterson@ed.ac.uk
Amy Pedersen Ecology of multiple infection in wild animals School of Biological Sciences Amy.Pedersen@ed.ac.uk
Josephine Pemberton Evolution of parasite resistance School of Biological Sciences  j.pemberton@ed.ac.uk
Juraj Petrik Transfusion transmitted infection Scottish Blood Transfusion Service juraj.petrik@nhs.net
Nisha Philip Understanding the function of key players crucial to parasite development and transmission in Malaria School of Biological Sciences
Martyn Pickersgill Sociology of biomedicine and mental health Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics
Kim Picozzi Molecular diagnosis of trypanosomiasis Infection Medicine Kim.Picozzi@ed.ac.uk
Teuta Pilizota Effects of osmotic changes on bacterial growth and survival School of Biological Sciences teuta.pilizota@ed.ac.uk
Lorna Proudfoot   Edinburgh Napier University l.proudfoot@napier.ac.uk
Sandeep Ramalingam Clinical viral hepatitis and diagnosis of viral infection Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh sandeep.ramalingam@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Andrew Rambaut Molecular evolution of RNA viruses School of Biological Sciences a.rambaut@ed.ac.uk
Anura Rambukkana Bacterial-induced host cell reprogramming Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine a.rambuka@ed.ac.uk
Sarah Reece Evolution of parasite transmission strategies School of Biological Sciences Sarah.Reece@ed.ac.uk
Jennifer Regan How dynamic behaviors of immune cells differ between sexes. School of Biological Sciences jenny.regan@ed.ac.uk
Eleanor Riley Immunology of infectious disease, primarily malaria and malaria-bacterial coinfections School of Biological Sciences eleanor.riley@ed.ac.uk
Adriano Rossi In vitro and in vivo inflammation resolution mechanisms MRC Centre for Inflammation Research a.g.rossi@ed.ac.uk
Alex Rowe Genetics & pathogenesis of malaria School of Biological Sciences Alex.Rowe@ed.ac.uk
Douglas Roy Coordinator of BSc Senior Honours in Infectious Diseases Infection Medicine d.roy@ed.ac.uk
Neil Sargison Ruminant helminth control and anthelmintic resistance Roslin Institute neil.sargison@ed.ac.uk
Nick Savill Mathematical modelling of host-pathogen interactions School of Biological Sciences nick.savill@ed.ac.uk
Achim Schnaufer Molecular biology of trypanosomes School of Biological Sciences achim.schnaufer@ed.ac.uk
Jürgen Schwarze Immunology of respiratory viral infections MRC Centre for Inflammation Research jurgen.schwarze@ed.ac.uk
Thamarai Schneiders Mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance Infection Medicine Thamarai.Schneiders@ed.ac.uk
Colin Sharp New and emerging viruses Edinburgh Genomics csharp4@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Paul Sharp Evolution of viruses, bacteria & Plasmodium School of Biological Sciences paul.sharp@ed.ac.uk
Darren Shaw Comparative Epidemiology Roslin Institute / R(D)SVS Darren.Shaw@ed.ac.uk
Nuno Silva Antimicrobial Resistance in livestock & Novel antimicrobial agents Moredun Research Institute nuno.silva@moredun.ac.uk
Philip Skuce Parasitic helminths (fluke & worms), sustainable control Moredun Research Institute philip.skuce@moredun.ac.uk
Richard Sloan Intracellular innate immunity & retroviruses Infection Medicine richard.sloan@ed.ac.uk
David Smith Molecular basis of parasite invasion and persistence Moredun Research Institute d.smith@moredun.ac.uk
James Smith Evolution of medical and veterinary research into trypanosomiasis in Africa Centre of African Studies James.Smith@ed.ac.uk
Devi Sridhar Gobal politics of public health Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics devi.sridhar@ed.ac.uk
Philip Spence Plasmodim virulence and immunity to malaria School of Biological Sciences philip.spence@ed.ac.uk
Stephen Spoel Molecular plant immunity School of Biological Sciences steven.spoel@ed.ac.uk
Helen Stagg Infectious disease epidemiologist (tuberculosis, Epstein Barr Virus) Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics helen.stagg@ed.ac.uk
Craig Stevens Role of autophagy of bacterial pathogens Edinburgh Napier University C.Stevens@napier.ac.uk
Mark Stevens Molecular virulence of bacterial pathogens Roslin Institute Mark.Stevens@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Jo Stevens Cell biology of Burkholderia Roslin Institute Jo.Stevens@roslin.ed.ac.uk
John Stewart Innate immunity & novel antimicrobial agents (Emeritus) School of Biomedical Sciences  
Alice Street Material politics of global health, with focus on Papua New Guinea & South India School of Social and Political Science Alice.Street@ed.ac.uk
Rebecca Sutherland Clinical management of infection and antimicrobial stewardship Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh rebecca.sutherland@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Christine Tait-Burkhard   Roslin Institute
Simon Talbot Pathogenesis and therapy of virus infections Infection Medicine S.Talbot@ed.ac.uk
David Taylor Vaccine development against Onchocerca volvulus, river blindness Infection Medicine david.w.taylor@ed.ac.uk
Matthew Taylor Immunity, regulation & helminths School of Biological Sciences Matthew.Taylor@ed.ac.uk
Kate Templeton Respiratory pathogens and their diagnosis Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Kate.Templeton@luht.scot.nhs.uk
Joanne Thompson Malaria molecular biology School of Biological Sciences Joanne.Thompson@ed.ac.uk
Pedro Vale Individual-level variation in host defence systems School of Biological Sciences pferrei2@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Jose Vazquez-Boland Bacterial intracellular pathogens Roslin Institute v.boland@ed.ac.uk
Seshasailam Venkateswaran Frugal diagnostic devices / technologies for TB and drug resistance. School of Chemistry Sesha.Venkateswaran@ed.ac.uk
Prerna Vohra Lecturer in Microbiology School of Biological Sciences prerna.vohra@ed.ac.uk
Bartek Waclaw Biophysics-microbial evolution and Cancer School of Physics and Astronomy bwaclaw@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Alan Walker Vector borne disease of livestock (Retired) Roslin Institute  
Malcolm Walkinshaw Structural biology & drug design School of Biological Sciences Malcolm.Walkinshaw@ed.ac.uk
Edward Wallace Dynamic mRNA processing in model and pathogenic fungi School of Biological Sciences
Sarah Walmsley Tissue remodelling & regeneration MRC Centre for Inflammation Research sarah.walmsley@ed.ac.uk
Baojun Wang Developing engineered phage-based therapeutics for diarrhoea-causing gut pathogens & toxins in resource limited settings School of Biological Sciences baojun.wang@ed.ac.uk
Mike Watson Genomics and transcriptomics for animal health Roslin Institute mick.watson@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Martin Wear Production and biophysical characterisation of pathogen proteins School of Biological Sciences martin.wear@ed.ac.uk
Sue Welburn Molecular epidemiology of trypanosomiasis Infection Medicine Sue.Welburn@ed.ac.uk
David Whiteley The experience of HCV testing, treatment and cure Edinburgh Napier University d.whiteley@napier.ac.uk
David Wilks HIV and community acquired infection (Retired) Western General Hospital  
Moira Whyte Innate immune cell apoptosis in chronic inflammatory lung disease MRC Centre for Inflammation Research moira.whyte@ed.ac.uk
Bob Will Creutzfeld-Jakob and other prion diseases National CJD Surveillance Unit, WGH r.g.will@ed.ac.uk
Alistair Williams HPV-related lower genetial tract cancers MRC Centre for Reproductive Health a.williams@ed.ac.uk
Andrea Wilson Mathematical modelling of host-pathogen interactions Roslin Institute andrea.wilson@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Mark Woolhouse Veterinary & human epidemiology Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics mark.woolhouse@ed.ac.uk
Dietmar Zaiss Role of EGF in regulation of the immune system School of Biological Sciences Dietmar.Zaiss@ed.ac.uk
Rose Zamoyska T cell development & regulation School of Biological Sciences Rose.Zamoyska@ed.ac.uk