Edinburgh Fertility Preservation

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Information on the work going on at EFP

Watch this short video by Caroline Allen  'Protecting the Future - Fertility Preservation' which will give you a snapshot of what we do: Please click here

Fertility preservation techniques usually involve taking some tissue from the patient before their treatment, and storing the tissue until they fully recover. In some cases the tissue can be used to conceive a pregnancy via IVF, while in other situations tissue is transplanted back into the healthy patient. The treatment map below is a comprehensive representation of the nature of the procedures carried out at EFP and where they might fall in a typical timeline.

Treatment map

Image of chart showing Edinburgh Fertility Preservation procedures
Visual summary of procedures at Edinburgh Fertility Preservation

Also available is a recorded lecture from Professor Hamish Wallace, one of EFP's founders, about the impact of fertility preservation:


For our most up-to-date findings and developments, please visit our recent publications page.