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Image of young female chemotherapy patient wearing head scarf looking serenely at the camera

The generosity and kindness of individuals helps us continue our work.

Private donations, regardless of the size, go directly to Edinburgh Fertility Preservation allowing us to continue finding ways to improve the quality of life of young cancer survivors whose fertility has been compromised by their treatment.


Your donation can help us to:

  •  pioneer procedures which may, for the first time ever, allow prepubertal boys to preserve their fertility before undergoing cancer treatment

  • develop new ways of protecting the ovary and testis so that they can still function despite receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • determine how to produce mature eggs in the lab from pre-pubertal ovarian tissue



If you would like to make a donation:

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Alternatively, if you would like to do some fundraising for us please also send us a message at EFP-enquiries@ed.ac.uk.


All charitable activities for the centre are administered by The University of Edinburgh Development Trust a registered charity (number SC004307).