Edinburgh Fertility Preservation

Recent publications

Recent fertility preservation publications from the EFP scientists in Edinburgh.

Elective Egg Freezing for Non-Medical Reasons

Anderson RA, Davies MC, Lavery SA, et al.

Exogenous Gonadotrophin Stimulation Induces Partial Maturation of Human Sertoli Cells...

Hutka M, Smith LB, Goossens E, Wallace WHB, Stukenborg JB, Mitchell RT

The Dynamic Transcriptional Cell Atlas of Testis Development during Human Puberty. Cell Stem Cell

Guo J, Nie X, Giebler M, Mlcochova H, Wang Y, Grow EJ; DonorConnect, Kim R, Tharmalingam M, Matilionyte G, Lindskog C, Carrell DT, Mitchell RT, Goriely A, Hotaling JM, Cairns BR

Cancer treatment and the ovary

Image of book cover 'Cancer treatment and the ovary'
Clinical and laboratory approaches to determining how cancer treatments affect the ovary