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Rod Mitchell: How to set up a fertility preservation program – ESHRE Campus symposium "Are we ready for the future of Male Fertility Creation & Preservation", Budapest, Hungary, 2020

PhD student Gabriele Matilionyte: Pre-treatment with Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor does not protect the germ cell populations in the prepubertal testis from Cisplatin-induced germ cell loss. ESHRE, Copenhagen, 2020.

Rod Mitchell: Fertility preservation - Male - 43rd Belgian Society for Reproductive Medicine Scientific Meeting. Brussels, Belgium, 2020

Rod Mitchell: Fertility preservation in prepubertal males – Don’t forget the boys. EUES Conference, Edinburgh, 2020

Evelyn Telfer: ESHRE Copenhagen 2020

Richard Anderson: Plenary speaker, International Society for Gynaecological Endocrinology, December 2020, Florence.

Evelyn Telfer: Fertility2021: January 2021 Liverpool

Norah Spears: Talk at ‘Fertility in safe’: 1st GEA IVF Congress. The direct effect of chemotherapy drugs on the ovary and testis: a research perspective. Switzerland; 2021

Evelyn Telfer: SSR Missouri 2021

Evelyn Telfer: ESHRE campus workshop Hamburg 2021

Norah Spears: International Society of Fertility Preservation (ISFP), Brussels. The effects of chemo-and radiotherapy on the ovary : mechanism and protection. November 2021

Evelyn Telfer International Society for Fertility Preservation Brussels November 2021

Richard Anderson: ESHRE and Indian Fetility Society FUSION meeting, Mumbai 2021

Richard Anderson: Speaker at British Menopause Society annual meeting 2021