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MUSIC.OLOGY.ECA is a music research journal based in the Reid School of Music. 

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Our focus is showcasing interdisciplinary music research, reviews and criticism, as well as raising awareness of the field of musicology throughout the University of Edinburgh and beyond.

A wide variety of submissions are accepted including essays, reviews, audiovisual essays, and audio recordings.  We aim to highlight students and researchers who are in the early stages of their research career (i.e., master’s level and early-stage PhD) and give them an opportunity to have their work published, with an option for it to be peer reviewed.

We encourage submissions or enquiries from students and researchers who are working with music regardless of their degree’s discipline. 

Take a look at our issues and discover the vibrant world of musicology! 


Issue 1 (September 2020) 

Edited by Rebecca Waxman and Abi McQuater

In this issue:

  • Melissa Morton | 'Where Did That Voice Come From?' The Mismatched Voices of Girls in TV Talent Competitions 
  • Cameron Macauly | The Cosmic & The Corporeal: Audiovision in 'Under the Skin'
  • Natasha Anderson | Narrative and Number in Busby Berkeley's Footlight Parade 
  • David Behrens | Originality or Familiarity? A discussion on programming a recital of new and existing musical works 
  • Brian James MacLeod | Tunes of Glory: The Role of Ceòl Mòr in the Social Ascendency of Pipers in 16th to 17th Century Gaelic Scotland